How to Write Songs

Be creative and use emotion when song writing!

How to write songs: Writing songs and song lyrics is a lot easier if you focus on something you are interested in and passionate about. Think of relating your lyrics to what’s happening in your life or how you’re feeling about a certain situation.

One way is to perhaps channel your emotions into a chosen topic that is really close or important to you. You will find the whole process a lot easier.

Songwriting advice from experienced songwriters:

Get creative with song writing

Song writing is something anyone can achieve if they put their mind to it, but it’s important to understand writing song lyrics takes a lot of discipline and dedication. Writing song lyrics is a very personal process, everyone will have a different style and approach.

  • Use bad, funny, ironic  and/or life experiences to your advantage! These are the type of songs fans can relate to. Many popular songs are about heartbreak and failed relationships like Adele.
  • If you’re stuck wording your idea, jot down notes of what you’re trying to get across. Come back to it later with a fresh mind!
  • Don’t waste time on a small part of your song. If the words aren’t coming naturally then they probably aren’t right for the song.
  • For some people writing song lyrics can be daunting, so try writing with someone else. Sometimes song writing works better if there’s someone else you bounce ideas around with! See song writing tips getting started.
  • If you convey emotion in the song. People are far more likely to relate to it if it’s an emotionally motivated song.
  • If you are writing a fun song, to make sure it is engaging, use a strong hook, as listeners will inevitably have the song stuck in their head for some time after.

Caution: Shameless plug ahead! Continue reading below.

The technical side of how to write songs

  • The first time your fans hear your song they will only hear the parts that stand out the most, this is why it’s important to have a lyrical hook in your song!
  • The first line is very important to get right! This line introduces the song and establishes the song’s mood. It’s the first line that grabs the listener’s attention, so make the most of it!
  • Not every line needs to rhyme! Sometimes this sounds forced. Don’t shy from ending lines with the same vowel sound, this is far more subtle than forced rhyming. An example could be using ‘home’ and ‘room’.
  • Make sure, when your writing song lyrics, that the song has a clear structure and progression. This is particularly important when writing lyrics that portray a story. Always check your song makes sense when you read back over it.
  • A typical song structure you could try is a four verse structure, each with four lines, plus a four line chorus every two verses. You could also try putting in a middle section, known as a ‘bridge’.
  • Look at the breakdown and structure of songs you like and analyse them.


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