Improving Posture for Singers

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How improving posture can help your vocal

Improving Posture for Singers: It’s important for singers to work on improving posture as it can directly affect their vocal. Improving posture helps to improve your control and provides your voice with optimum conditions for reaching its potential.

Tips on Improving Posture

There are many simple ways to work on improving posture whilst singing and with enough practise and attention these things are likely to become second nature to you.

  • Your chin should be parallel to the floor
  • Shoulders should be held back and down
  • Your knees should be loose, be careful not to lock them as it’ll restrict your movement
  • Keep the front of your neck loose- don’t stretch it
  • Your chest should be high, imagine a piece of string being attached to your chest and being pulled towards the ceiling.

A smart thing to remember when improving posture is to learn S.H.R.E.C:

S – Shoulders align with hips creating a long straight line down the body

H – Hips align with knees and feet

R – Rotate pelvis so knees are not locked

E – Ears align with shoulders (or elongate neck)

C – Chest high – imagine a string connecting your chest to the ceiling

Exercises for Improving Posture

One of the most effective ways of improving posture is by investing in a yoga ball. It’s very difficult to sit on a yoga ball with poor posture. Yoga balls are great for posture as they help to improve your spinal posture and can in time help to elongate the neck.

There are many exercises you can do to help when improving posture. A good exercise to help sense whether your posture is improving is by standing with your back against the wall.

After a minute or two, move slowly away from the wall and adjust your posture to a more comfortable position, avoiding slumping. This is a good exercise to do regularly as you’ll be able to feel the difference in your posture once you’ve moved away and your stance is more natural.