Ipswich Open Mics – The Top 10 Best Nights Near Me

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Ipswich is the home to plenty of open mic nights at a variety of music venues. Open mic nights in Ipswich are most commonly found in live music pubs. If you’re looking to play at a music venue with a supportive audience, Ipswich open mic nights will provide you with the perfect opportunity to showcase the style of music you enjoy the most.

The Best Open Mic Nights in Ipswich

Looking for an open mic night in Ipswich? In no particular order, these venues attract the best of the city’s breakthrough musical talent.

#1 The Steamboat Tavern: Open Mic

Open Mic Ipswitch

The Steamboat Tavern is a fantastic bar overlooking the river Orwell. Every other Friday, local musicians descend on the venue for a night of brilliant open mic music.

It has proudly played host to many artists throughout its history, one of which played there in 2014 – Ed Sheeran!

A p.a system is supplied here, however, if you play an instrument, you’re recommended to bring your instruments.

Entry to the open mic event is free and anyone is welcome to perform, as long as you turn up on time at 8pm. All styles of music are welcome here too – you’ll be met by nothing but support.

Venue location:  The Steamboat Tavern – 78-80 New Cut W, Ipswich, IP2 8HW
Phone number:  01473 601902
Open Mic Night:  Fridays biweekly, from 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#2 The Halberd Inn: Open Mic

The Best Open Mic Nights in Ipswich

Every Thursday, one of the longest-running open mics in the area opens its doors to musicians of all genres and backgrounds.

There’s no need to pre-book here, just turn up and sign up on the night. It’s a fantastic town centre venue with a friendly crowd every week.

A full p.a is provided. The event is run by Backline Open Mics who have been running it here for six years now. It’s certainly one of the favourites with locals and visiting musicians alike.

Venue location:  The Halberd Inn – 15 Northgate St, Ipswich, IP1 3BY
Phone number:  01473 809077
Open Mic Night:  Thursdays, 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#3 Briarbank Brewery: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night

Join the group down at the Briarbank every Tuesday for their open mic nights, hosted by ‘Misery Guts’.

Whether you are a singer, comedian, musician, or poet, this is your chance to show Ipswich what you’ve been working on.

In terms of music, everything is welcome; from rap, to rock, to classical music, all genres are supported here.

Sign up is from 7:30pm, with the first person taking to the mic at 8:00pm. Entry is free, and it takes place in the upstairs taproom.

Venue location:  Briarbank Brewery – 70 Fore St, Ipswich, IP4 1LB
Phone number:  01473 284000
Open Mic Night:  Tuesdays, 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Open Mic near me

#4 The Angel: Open Mic Night

Open Mic near me

Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, The Angel hosts a brilliant open mic night in Woodbridge, just outside of Ipswich.

Known for its charming interior, this pub has a truly epic selection of gins available, should you be so inclined after your set.

Run by Merlyn, this small pub always pulls in a big crowd without fail. All genres are welcome at this one – everyone will support you no matter what style of music you choose to play.

Sign up from 7:30pm and a full p.a is supplied here. This isn’t one to miss.

Venue location:  The Angel – 2 Theatre St, Woodbridge, IP12 4NE
Phone number:  01394 382660
Open Mic Night:  Wednesdays biweekly, sign up from 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Thinking of attending your first open mic night? Here’s what to expect:

#5 The Black Horse: Open Mic

Open Mic Wednesday

Looking for an open mic on a Wednesday? Bring along your guitar, Cajon, or your singing voice down to The Black Horse next Wednesday and get involved.

This open mic is great for everyone who’s into rock music. All genres are welcome to play at this open mic, but generally, the venue is known for the great rock musicians it hosts.

It’s one of the best open mics to come down to if you don’t fancy playing as well – you can just enjoy a fantastic night with some of Ipswich’s most talented musicians.

Venue location:  The Black Horse – 23 Black Horse Ln, Ipswich, IP1 2EF
Phone number:  01473 214741
Open Mic Night:  Wednesdays biweekly, from 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#6 Debenham Sports and Leisure Centre: Stand and Deliver

Open Mic Tuesday

This fabulous open mic night, ‘Stand and Deliver’ is a worthy mention to any music enthusiast from Ipswich — it’s one of the most popular in town.

With a bustling online community on their Facebook page, these guys never fail to hype up everyone before each event.

You’ll find high levels of support at ‘Stand and Deliver’ open mics, producing a lively and exciting vibe for both spectators and performers. Slots for the open mic are available or the night, or can be secured in advance by turning up early.

Venue location: Debenham Sports and Leisure Centre – Gracechurch St, Debenham, Stowmarket, IP14 6BL
Phone number: 01728 861101
Open Mic Night: Last Friday of the month, 8pm
Want to perform? Just turn up and play


#7 Needham Market Community Centre: Open Mic Night

Open Mic near me

The open mic events at Needham Market Community Centre draw both experienced artists and new talent to perform every third Thursday of the month.

Starting at around 8pm, this one is hosted by Bill Pipe. Every artist who comes along gets a 15-minute set (usually 3 or 4 songs).

After everyone has had a turn performing, they restart and give everyone another go. There’s a fantastic community feel here – it’s not one to miss if you’re looking to meet other likeminded singers and musicians to jam with.

Venue location: Needham Market Community Centre – School St, Needham Market, Ipswich, IP6 8BB
Phone number: 07756 575158
Open Mic Night: Third Thursday of the month, 8pm
Want to perform? Just turn up and play


Ever considered hosting your own open mic night?

#8 The Case is Altered: Open Mic

‘The Case is Altered’ is a charming local pub that runs an open mic every month on a Tuesday from 8pm.

A full p.a system, mic and drum shell are provided here but you can bring your own if you’d prefer. The audience is very supportive of every performer, no matter your ability or genre.

This pub offers a great stage for any local unsigned acts to build recognition and following. The hosts make sure that, even if this is your first live musical performance, you are supported throughout your performance.

Venue location:  The Case is Altered – Case Ln, Bentley, Ipswich, IP9 2DN
Phone number:  01473 805575
Open Mic Night:  First Tuesday of the month, 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#9 Distilled Republik: Open Mic Night

Open Mic near me

The next open mic on our list is at Distilled Republik in the centre of Ipswich. It’s a contemporary venue, known for its cocktails and warm reception.

Once a month on a Sunday night the venue plays host to musicians from all backgrounds. Together they jam and listen to each other’s creations.

A full p.a is provided, just make sure to bring any extras that you think you might need, such as instruments.

All musicians are welcome onstage here – entry into the event is free so there’s no reason not to come along next month.

Venue location:  Distilled Republik – 10 Tacket St, Ipswich, IP4 1AY
Phone number:  01473 225857
Open Mic Night:  Sundays, monthly
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#10 Swan and Hedgehog: Open Mic

Open Mic Thursday

Every second Friday of the month, the open mic night at The Swan and Hedgehog takes place. One of the newest open mics on our list, this one is run by Stephen Lay.

Entry is free here, the evenings normally consist of acoustic artists showcasing originals or covers they’ve learnt. Anyone is welcome to sign up and perform no matter what you play.

Bands and solo artists alike are welcome – come down next month and take part in one of Ipswich’s best open mic nights.

Venue location:  Swan and Hedgehog – King St, Ipswich, IP1 1EG
Phone number:  01473 287929
Open Mic Night:  Second Friday of the month, 9pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Bonus Open Mics in Ipswich

The Brewers Arms: Open Mic Night

Open Mics in Ipswich

A hit at the start of 2019, Jax and co. are here to bring a popular set of open mic nights back for 2020 at The Brewers Arms.

The Brewers Arms is a lively bar that hosts a variety of live music events including jam nights. Jax loves to hear new talent and is happy to help you with accompaniments or playing backing tracks if you are a solo artist.

The equipment provided at this open mic night includes a full p.a system with mics, drum kit, and amps. Make sure to bring along any other kit that you might think that you’ll need to perform.

Each performer gets a short slot to perform whatever songs they would like, you are welcome to sing covers or originals. If you make a good impression, the Brewers Arms might want to book you in for other gigs, so make sure that you play a great set.

Venue location:  The Brewers Arms – 15-20 Orford St, Ipswich, IP1 3NS
Phone number:  01473 790862
Open Mic Night:  Usually second Thursday of the month, 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


The Anchor: Open Mic

Open Mics in Ipswich

This pub offers live music events throughout the week, including the popular open mic night with Lay Music. The hosts love live music and want to give as many musicians as possible the chance to perform live.

There’s everything you need to perform here, including a p.a system, mics and amps. The night is often popular, so make sure that you arrive early to secure your place.

Venue location:  The Anchor – 19 Quay St, Woodbridge, IP12 1BX
Phone number:  01394 382649
Open Mic Night:  Third Sunday of the month, from 8:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


The King’s Head: Open Mic Night

Open Mics in Ipswich

Based just outside of Ipswich, the open mic at The King’s Head is a great one to go to if you’re just starting your singing career.

All types of musical artists have performed here, with pop and rock artists usually the most common, however, everyone is welcome.

A p.a system with backline is provided, so all you need to do is turn up on the night. You’ll always have an attentive audience watching your live performance here, so make sure to sing something that will impress!

Venue location:  The King’s Head – Front St, Orford, Woodbridge, IP12 2LW
Phone number:  01394 450271
Open Mic Night: Last Friday of the month, 9pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


So now you know where to perform in Ipswich there are no excuses for not getting out there and get performing!

Open mic nights near me in Ipswich

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