Is Tea Bad for Singing?

There are certain foods and drinks you might have to remove from your diet to focus on your singing.¬†As a general rule, you should drink¬†water¬†at all times ‚Äď especially on performance days.¬†Many of us love a cuppa in the morning, but is tea bad for singing and can it harm the voice?

Tea can dehydrate you and lead to mood crashes, due to the caffeine it contains. But there are many teas which boost your immune system and coat your throat to leave you less susceptible to colds. Choosing the right type of tea can even fight a sore throat.  

So which teas should singers be drinking? And what drinks should you avoid to keep your voice in the best shape possible?

Is tea bad for singing? 

Is tea bad for singing? 

There are different types of tea, so to categorise all flavours would be illogical. However, most caffeinated¬†black teas do¬†more harm than good for your voice.¬†Caffeine¬†can have a negative effect on your performance ‚Äď such as stimulating¬†anxiety. Avoid green and black tea as these contain the highest levels of caffeine.¬†However, you could avoid this by switching to decaffeinated tea if you typically get nervous on stage.¬†¬†

Is green tea bad for singing? 

The main factor to avoid black and green tea is that it dehydrates the voice. These teas contain diuretic ingredients which make you visit the bathroom more and lead to dehydration. Although you can increase your water intake, it’s best to not get dehydrated in the first place. 

All singers should¬†avoid milk¬†‚Äď especially during performance days and vocal sessions ‚Äď so adding this substance to your tea increases the mucus production to muffle your tone.¬†Avoid if you can.¬†¬†

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What teas are good for singing? 

We mentioned that you can adapt your tea habits to decaffeinated options, and we recommend ditching sugar for honey. Sugar tends to sit at the back of the throat and cause irritation. It’s also prone to dropping your mood, so you might feel ready to go, but by the time you reach the stage, you experience a sugar crash. On the other hand, honey coats your voice and helps to create a smoother tone, so this is a much healthier alternative. 

There are many herbal teas on the market which have many benefits on the voice. Here are our favourites: 

Peppermint tea 

What teas are good for singing

This type of tea is great if you have a sore throat or cold, because peppermint kills off bacteria. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities, this tea reduces any swelling in your sinuses too, which helps to clear up any mucus. If you feel the symptoms of a sore throat, drink two-three cups of peppermint tea a day to fight off the virus. Ensure the temperature isn’t too hot as this could irritate your throat even further. 

Liquorice root tea 

Liquorice root tea is like a spa treatment for your throat. The liquorice coats the vocal cords to leave them hydrated and smooth. This ingredient also helps to help off colds and helps with digesting foods which can often get stuck at the back of your throat. If you find the taste hard to stomach, you can purchase liquorice root tea capsules.   

Ginger tea 

This is another popular tea choice for singers. First, this type of tea doesn’t contain caffeine which maintains balanced blood-sugar levels. You can add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the flavour, and this also helps to create a smooth coating on your throat. Ginger is packed with antioxidants which can soothe an irritate throat and boost your immune system. It’s also known to fight viruses, and you can store it in the fridge in batches. But, warm in the microwave before drinking. 

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What do you drink before a performance? Are there certain drinks that you avoid? Let us know in the comments below.


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