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Keeping Facebook Fans Happy

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Don’t annoy your Facebook fan base!

Keep Facebook fans happy: Facebook is the perfect place to promote your act to fans but it’s important to not to lose them once they’ve ‘liked’ your page. Facebook is an extremely powerful marketing tool to help you connect with new and existing fans and promote your music, but only if used effectively.

Don’t let the time you spend attracting fans to your Facebook page be a waste. You don’t want to put them off staying once they’ve finally decided to like you.

  • Post content that is worth sharing!  Keep your personal profile separate from your music profile. Fans want information on new songs and tours, not an update on what food your having for dinner!
  • If you’re struggling for content worth posting, think outside the box. Put a link up to a new song demo, or a video from a recent live performance. Maybe even try the occasional fan poll, like what songs they want to hear you play live.
  • Don’t post marketing message son peoples walls. People will assume it will be spam and avoid it. Keep it on your own profile, but don’t over do it. People don’t like having the ‘buy, buy, buy’ mentality thrown at them too often!
  • Don’t beg for likes! This comes across as desperate and will make current fans feel like you don’t appreciate them. People will wonder if there’s a reason for you trying to hard to get people to like your page!
  • Don’t invite every fan to every event you post! Each event won’t be applicable to every fan. It can lead to fans ignoring any events you invite them to in future!  It will ruin the surprise factor when you finally announce a show they can get to!
  • When it comes to competitions, avoid constantly asking your fans to vote for you! This may have the opposite effect. Chances are fellow singers who support you wont appreciate being bombarded with requests from you to vote!
  • Avoid writing in capital letters constantly. When we read text quickly we are not reading every individual letter, but instead recognise the words by their shape. Words written in capitals are much harder to read as they have no shape and therefore you are not reaching your audience effectively. People will skim the words but not necessarily process them.
  • Keep hash tags on Twitter. They have no effect on Facebook and will annoy fans!


  • Keep your Facebook up-to-date. When you go on holiday, there are scheduling programmes that can do your posts for you.  ‘HootSuite’ is a good example. It gives the impression you are posting updates even if you are not around!
  • People will assume a page is inactive if there are no posts and unlike it. If it isn’t feasible keeping a page up-to-date, it may as well be deactivated.
  • Don’t update too often! Try updating every few hours not every few minutes. It is unlikely frequent posts will always be something worth saying that wont just spam peoples news feeds
  • Try to avoid overly long posts. People’s attention spans wont last more than a few sentences so avoid posting a whole page worth of writing if it can fit into a few sentences.
  • Always check grammar and spelling! Make sure you never repeat the same post!
  • Using too many mentions in a post (@ followed by a name) can make a post hard to read!
  • When uploading photos, make sure they are of good quality. Irrelevant or pixelated pictures will give you an unprofessional reputation. Avoid tagging random fans in photos if they aren’t in them, this will annoy them. Especially if it happens more than once!
  • Never spout negativity online, especially towards others. Remarks or jealousy towards other artists will do you no favours, even if said in jest. Always keep it positive and never get drawn into arguments with people saying negative things on your page. Rise above it!
  • The more you interact with your fans the more loyalty they will feel towards you and the more likely they are to tell their friends about your Facebook page.