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Launch a Career as a Singer From Home 

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Can you make it as an artist without stepping beyond your front door? And if so, how do you launch a career as a singer from your home? 

It is perfectly possible to launch a career as a singer from home. In fact, more and more rising stars are making their mark this way. Platforms like YouTube and digital streaming services mean you can reach a global audience at the touch of a button.  

In this article, we’ll look at the ways you too can find success as a singer from your house, along with the tricks, platforms and tools you’ll need to get noticed by the right people.  

Launch a singing career from home

Starting a singing career from home

There are many reasons why you may want to launch a career as a singer from home. Perhaps you live in a remote location and can’t get to studios and gigs easily. Maybe you don’t have the budget or contacts to make inroads.

Or perhaps you have to stay in due to chronic illness, injury or because of national self-isolation and public distancing measures. Then again, it might be a straight-up choice – these days your home is as good a place as any to create, market and promote your music. Many artists have launched their careers in this way 

In order to embark on a career as a singer, you should have an idea of the kind of singer you want to be. This may be instantly clear. Most aspiring artists will lean toward a particular style of music. But if you aren’t sure, you should consider not only the music you like but the music that suits you. It is possible to cross genres with your singing at points in your career, but when starting out you should create a strong brand identity. This makes you recognisable and helps audiences relate to you.  

How to become a singer  

Regardless of whether you start out on the open mic circuit, jamming, auditioning or at home, you need to do the vocal groundwork. This means making vocal warm-ups and exercises part of your daily or weekly routine. This may seem tedious, but it’s essential to ensure your voice is strong and not prone to damage.   

You’ll also need to develop a repertoire of numbers or write your own songs to perform. To do this, you should ascertain what vocal range you have and what types of songs suit your voice. Numbers can be practised and learned at home, either by accompanying yourself on the piano or keyboard or by using professional backing tracks 

Recording vocals at home  

You don’t need to book a studio to get a track down. You can make your own recording setup by buying some basic kit (a well as making clever use of a few household objects) and get started from your bedroom. It may be necessary to pay a producer or mixer to add some finishing touches, but this can usually be done remotely by sending them the track to work on.

Once you have a track of a high enough quality, you can upload it to a streaming service and for free or paid download.   

How singers can be successful from their bedroom

Recording music in your bedroom

If you’re spending some time at home, use it to get your admin done too, this is part of your career groundwork. If you plan to enter a singing competition you can be filling out forms, choosing and working on your audition songs, reading up on criteria, learning lyrics and perfecting your performance. Preparation is everything.  

You can also be emailing and calling to set up gigs for further down the line. There are also networking events that happen online – search for and join local singing and music community groups on Facebook. And if you want to apply for a course that specialises in training professional singers, applications and research can be done from your sofa.  


Social media for singers 

A major element of success is a great PR plan. Once upon a time, this meant expensive consultants, and while these can still be very useful at a certain level, for singers starting out, social media is all you need to get going. Set up accounts on all the major channels used by singers, these are:  

  • YouTube 
  • TikTok 
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 

Post interesting content updates including tracks, photos and music videos frequently – all of these can be crafted from your bedroom. You should also create a website. While you can pay a professional to do this, websites like Weebly and Wordpress make it accessible for everyone.

Your website should include your experience, contact details or a contact form (but don’t give out your personal address), a list of services you provide, upcoming gigs and events, videos of you singing, some great photos, links to tracks and links to your social media accounts. If you have an artist profile on streaming platforms add this too. 

Online singing jobs 

Did you know you can make money by singing online? This isn’t only achieved by creating your own music videos and uploading tracks, but by working for people who pay for bespoke songs. To find this kind of work log on to freelancing sites. You can create a profile and list the services you’d like to offer. This can be everything from creating a unique jingle to singing happy birthday, to taking requests. Bear in mind there will be a lot of competition, so take a look at what other singers offer and see how you can vary your offer from what’s already available. Here are some of the top freelancing sites to consider.  

This sort of work won’t make you famous, but it is a great alternative way to start earning some money from home.  

If you like singing children’s songs, take a look at HuggyBobo and you might even enjoy taking part in some online karaoke competitions 


How to start a singing career on YouTube 

This is one of the best ways to get noticed. A small number of musicians are picked up by record companies who’ve seen music videos on this platform. In fact, many of the newest and hottest artists began their careers by uploading content of their work on YouTube.

But everyone is clamouring for clicks and so you’ll need to produce something really exciting to stand out. Artists like Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa got noticed by singing covers, while others like Stormzy caused a stir with original groundbreaking material.   

How to be a YouTube artist 

First, set up your own account and channel on the platform (change the channel type to ‘musician’). Once you start uploading videos you should link to your social media accounts, start a newsletter with your new releases and try to respond to comments.

This will help spread awareness and increase your fan base, important in growing your career as a singer. Collaborating with other singers can be a good way to gain more followers and views – and with lots of editing tools at your disposal, you don’t need to be in the same place at the same time. 

Putting together your video

  1. Show your face when filming and make direct eye contact with the camera – this doesn’t have to be continuous if you have other effects going on. But it should be a chief ingredient. Viewers like it to feel personal, like they’re getting to know you.  
  2. Monitor your feedback where it’s constructive. Notice which videos are the most popular and identify what makes them better, so it can inform future creations.  
  3. Add tags to your videos and channel. This will help prospective fans who like your genre and style, to find you.  
  4. Use annotations. These are text tags that show on your video and are a useful way to link viewers to your website or tracks. 
  5. Invest in a decent mic. As videos are a visual medium it can be easy to neglect the audio, but as a singer, this is very important.  
  6. Landscape rather than portrait shots tend to work better on devices – bear this in mind when shooting.  
  7. Get a selfie stick and/or mount for your phone. This way you can shoot steady and clear footage.  
  8. Once you’ve completed your video, take stills to share on your social media channels – creating a GIF or meme can also be a way to help your video go viral. 
  9. Liven it up. Even if you plan to just record a cover to the camera with no movement, you can add an interesting filter, effect or background (read on for details on how to do this at low or no extra cost). 

There are no criteria to start your own channel, anyone can set up a YouTube account and do it. There’s also an official artists’ channel, but to be eligible you must have your own channel and have at least three official releases on YouTube delivered and distributed by a music distribution partner.   


Alternatives to YouTube

While YouTube is the market-leading provider of online videos, it’s not the only place you can take your audio-visual content. Other platforms that allow you to upload music videos for free, include: 

  • Vimeo 
  • Twitch 
  • Street Jelly 
  • Tidal 
  • iTunes

How do you make a pop song in your bedroom?

How do you make a pop song in your bedroom?

It goes without saying that you’ll need a decent camera. If you want to make videos you may need to upgrade your smartphone or get a DSLR camera. Brands that have a great reputation for filming include the Apple iPhone, Sony Xperia, Samsung S, OnePlus, Google Pixel and Huawei. 

These phones all have their own video editing software and there are apps you can download for more advanced tools. While filming is best done on a smartphone or camera, editing will be easier on a laptop or PC, so pick devices that use the same iOS or Android operating system.   

Low budget music video ideas 

The great news is, while you may have to shell out a bit on your phone, there are many cheap DIY options when it comes to special effects. You don’t have to have a big budget, amazing tech, an impressive set, or access to the outside world when it comes to creating cool, quirky filters and finishes on your music video. You simply need a bit of creativity, some top tips and bits and pieces lying around your home to get started.  

Check out these fantastic, artistic effects you can totally achieve from your bedroom.  

Now you know how to launch your career as a singer from the comfort of your home, it’s time to get started. As you’ll now be aware, there are many different elements to launching a singing career and various routes you can take. It can help to write down your own action plan, with a timeline and tick off tasks as you complete them. With digital media, the sky’s the limit.   

Related Questions 

  • How can I become famous for singing? 

It’s tricky to guarantee fame. The ingredients are usually talent, hard work and luck -the latter being especially hard to control. Instead, make your focus becoming a really good singer. If have a naturally lovely voice and gain plenty of experience you can carve out a rewarding career.  

  • How do musicians make money without touring? 

Musicians make money in all sorts of ways, other than touring. Session work and local gigs including weddings can be very lucrative. Streaming, downloads, album/EP sales and merch are among the remote ways that musicians make money remotely, as well as teaching (face to face and online).  

  • Is it hard to become a famous singer? 

It can be. Getting the right breaks isn’t easy and with fame comes lots of challenges – like the pressures of being in the limelight, media intrusion on your social life and a much higher bar set for your work.  

Have you launched a singing career from home? How did you do it and which tools did you use? Share any tips and links to your home-made videos/tracks in the comments below.