Live Music – Where Can Singers Perform Live?

Places and events that singers can perform live.

Live Music – Where can singers perform live? Performing live is essential for a singer as it helps them to gain real industry experience and learn their stage craft. By performing to crowd live, a singer can also get a sense of which songs work for them and which songs don’t.

Also and equally as important is it’s an opportunity to network, build fans and create further performance opportunities.

Pubs: Most local pubs and bars will open their venue to singers on a regular basis as a way of making money. This is a good opportunity for singers to get experience as they are often run on a regular basis and the crowd will never be the same. This way you’re constantly playing for people who haven’t seen you perform before.

Open Mic nights: You have the opportunity to showcase new material and see how it is received. This way after your performance you could ask for any feedback and make any additional changes to the song to give it more appeal.

You could use it as a chance to write a proper set list so you keep the best received songs in and remove any that didn’t get much of a reaction.

The most important thing is to network. Try different Open Mic nights all over your area don’t just stick to the same ones. Speaking to other singers and acts will hopefully open up more performance opportunities, shared gigs, promoter details and other gig opportunities.

Community Events: Being well known in the community as a singer can open many doors for a singer. So why not take some time to volunteer your talent to community events such as church fetes and open days for example. You never know who’s going to turn up to one of those events.

BandWagon Gigs: BangWagon is a website where you can search for live performance opportunities in your area and see whether or not they’re paid. The idea of this website is for venues to fill their slots for the night and for singers to be given a chance to build their experience up.

AliveNetwork: AliveNetwork isn’t necessarily a place where you can find places to perform, but it is a place where people can come to find you to perform for them.

People who are looking for a singer for a certain event can browse the site and find singers in specific areas and see how much they’ll cost. As a singer putting yourself on this website gives you the opportunity to be booked by people who may have never heard of you, and they’re paying.

It’s potentially a new audience and an income stream.


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