Lyric Writing

Lyric writing – getting started

Lyric Writing: Lyric writing is something anyone can achieve if they put their mind to it, but it’s important to understand that lyric writing takes a lot of discipline and dedication. Lyric writing is a very personal process; everyone will have a different style and approach but here are some basic principles to help write efficiently.

Lyric Writing – Top Tips

Tips for lyric writing 

There is no right or wrong way of doing it but in general you will find lyric writing much easier if you sort the melody first. Every songwriter’s process is different, but more often than not the melody will come more naturally than lyric writing!

If melody is not your strong point then look to work with a musician, someone who can play guitar and/or piano to assist you. Searching or listing online is a good way to source like-minded songwriters to work with.

Once the melody is down, get lyric writing! Write whatever comes into your head and don’t edit your thoughts. Write down any of your thoughts or record yourself talking over the melody.

Song writing life hack 

Alternatively and a good exercise when starting out is to try lyric writing of other artist’s songs in a different way by selecting your favourite songs and downloading the lyrics. Try and come up with different lyrics for every line.

It’s good practice and will help you develop your songwriting skills. It will particularly help with structure and ensuring the lyrics scan across the melody, a really good fun way into lyric writing.

This also doubles up as a great way to do a creative cover or come up with a track that is completely different if it develops to be original.

Write until no more words pop into your head. Once the basics are down, you can start tweaking the words you have written. Even if they don’t make sense at first, eventually the right lyrics will jump off the page.

Lyric writing – be patient

There is no right or wrong when it comes to lyric writing but its likely everyone will suffer from songwriter’s block at some point! Don’t worry, be patient! You can never force it so be patient and wait for inspiration.

Don’t expect immediate results when you’re lyric writing. It will potentially take lots of goes until everything gels; perhaps hundreds and hundreds so don’t be too critical of your work to begin with.

Don’t be afraid to leave a song if you’re not feeling it – great songs take chemistry and sometimes the hook and essence of the song can come together in minutes. Other times songs take days and days, so there’s no need to force it, know when to let it go and just start a new song.


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