Merchandise for Singers

So you’ve booked some gigs and have a loyal following of fans, but what merchandise should you sell to them? Merchandise for singers promotes your image as a performers and can be a great way to raises money. If you’re ready to get started selling your own Custom merch, here’s where to begin.

Merchandise is used by singers and musicians to make extra money at their tours, shows and gigs or through an online shop on the website. It’s a way of promoting yourself and spreading the word through your fans, while also making a few quick bucks. But what do you sell and how should you sell it?

If you want to get your music to a larger audience, then you have to promote yourself like a pro. Selling your own merchandise (t-shirts, key-rings, posters, etc.) is a great ways to raise some money and create a brand.

Which merchandise should you sell?

Synchronise your music merchandise!

The most popular form of merchandise to sell is t-shirts! There’s something about wearing an act’s t-shirt that people love. Make sure when designing your t-shirts that you keep them engaging and interesting so they are desirable.

If you want to keep costs down consider having it with fewer colours, having it full colour will be more expensive.

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Synchronise your music merchandise

Use the same display pictures, backgrounds and names. Using the same imagery as across all your social media sites strengthens your brand as an artist. It also looks more professional and official.

For those who don’t want to buy t-shirts, why not sell them CDs or vinyl, at least that way they can continue to listen to your music.

A few items that which are likely to be popular are:

  • Badges
  • Key-rings
  • Posters
  • Pens
  • Stickers

These are good because they cost very little and you can sell them for a small cost.


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Selling merchandise online

design and sell merchandise online for free uk

Merchandise is a brilliant way of maintaining engagement with your fans, especially those fans that aren’t necessarily local to you. Selling merchandise online means that even those fans that can’t make it to your shows can still have the opportunity to have a souvenir of the event without attending.

Selling merchandise online isn’t as hard as it seems, as there are website whose main purpose is provide other businesses with a platform to sell their products.

An example of this is shopify a website where you sign up and then are able to build your store.

They take credit card payments, therefore not restricting anyone wishing to buy your merchandise.

Selling merchandise after shows

The most obvious way to sell merchandise is through your shows. You’ve already got fans there that have paid to come see you perform, so make sure you take this opportunity to make some money.

Fans bring friends, so there’s more opportunity to make money after the show from people who may have not heard you before.

Have you created your own merchandise to sell to your fans? Let us know in the comments below!


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