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Music Gateway Acquires Open Mic

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Music Gateway acquires Open Mic to create the country’s biggest talent competition and increases the prize pool by over 600%.

Music Gateway is a B2B platform, specifically designed to allow creative and music industry professionals to connect and work together in a global capacity.

Open Mic is the most exciting talent competition in the UK since 2008 attracting over 10,000 performers every year from solo singers to songwriters, rappers and vocal groups as they compete for rewards ranging from cash prizes to professional studio time.

Branded as “more than a music competition”, Open Mic has helped establish stars such as international sensation Birdy, Luke Banot and Fran Classic.

Open Mic offers performers the opportunity to expose their talent to industry professionals such as the likes of Charlie Ashcroft @ Amazing Radio, Chris Tams @ The BPI, Nicky Bignall @ The BBC.  Performers can grow their fan base, receive expert advice to develop and refine their performance skills, network with others and win over £70,000 in prizes and career opportunities.

This new synergy between the two companies offers a unique situation whereby performers can gain experience in the live music sector while also elevating their independent music career and broadening their industry connections.

CEO Jon Skinner says, “It’s a great opportunity to be working with Chris at Open Mic who I’ve known for 30 years. This deal allows us to add another route to industry and help funnel talent to our worldwide network. Excited to be involved and take Open Mic to the next level”.

Applications for Open Mic 2022 are now OPEN and you can learn more by visiting