Norwich Open Mics – The Top 10 Best Nights Near Me

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The town of Norwich boasts plenty of open mic nights with a variety of music styles and venues. Open mic nights in Norwich can be found on almost every day of the week, so there’s no excuse not to go along to one this week! Norwich open mic nights are great for all of those budding performers out there, the venues provide the ideal experience for all tastes.

The Best Open Mic Nights in Norwich

Looking for an open mic night in Norwich? In no particular order, these venues attract the best of the city’s breakthrough musical talent.

#1 Walnut Tree Shades: Open Mic

Open Mic Norwich

The first open mic night on our list is the brilliant weekly night at Walnut Tree Shades. It’s a fantastic bar, with an even more impressive open mic.

Every Thursday night, local musicians descend on the venue for an awesome night of open mic music. A full p.a system is supplied, however, singers are asked to bring their instruments just in case there isn’t enough of what you might need.

Anyone is welcome to perform no matter what your ability or genre. Make sure to turn up on time and stick around to watch everyone else’s performances.


Venue location:  Walnut Tree Shades – Old Post Office Court, Norwich, NR2 1NG
Phone number:  01603 622910
Open Mic Night:  Thursday, 8:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#2 The Brickmakers: Open Stage

Open Mics Norwich

Every Monday some of the best local musicians turn up to play on the Open Stage nights at The Brickmakers. If you perform, sing, tell jokes or play an instrument, then you can let loose here on a Monday.

Performers can call up and book a slot between 10 and 30 mins long. All performers get a free HD USB of their performance afterwards.

This venue is free entry on Mondays; artists of all genres are welcome to showcase their talent here — this usually produces a fantastically diverse spectacle for everyone to enjoy.


Venue location:  The Brickmakers – 496 Sprowston Rd, Norwich, NR3 4DY
Phone number:  01603 441118
Open Mic Night:  Mondays, 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#3 Freemasons Arms: Open Mic Night

open mic finder

This chilled-out pub in the heart of Norwich is a worthy mention to any music enthusiast — frequently playing host to a variety of events, their open mic night is a great addition to their collection.

The Freemasons Arms is a popular destination with all audiences, music lovers included. Anyone seeking an economical way to enjoy a social atmosphere and quality music over a few drinks can be found here too.

Audience interaction is encouraged at The Freemasons Arms’ open mics, creating a lively, exciting vibe for both spectators and performers.

Slots for the open mic are available or the night, or can be secured in advance with a message to The Freemasons Arms’ Facebook page.


Venue location:  Freemasons Arms – 27 Hall Rd, Norwich, NR1 3HQ
Phone number:  01603 623768
Open Mic Night:  Wednesdays, 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Thinking of attending your first open mic night? Here’s what to expect:


Open Mic near me

#4 Banham Barrel: Open Mic

open mic finder Norwich

Its popularity with the Norwich music scene ensures that Banham Barrel can always deliver a lively atmosphere and great prices.

Often hosted by Niamh or James Veira (with Billy on sound), this pub makes it easy to socialise with your fellow revellers, so it’s a great location for those who enjoy a louder, more upbeat setting.

This is quite an intimate venue, but anyone who takes to the stage can be certain of an animated crowd to carry them along. Sign up at the bar on the night to secure your performance slot.

A full p.a is supplied, just don’t forget instruments if you wish to play one during your set.


Venue location:  Banham Barrel – The Appleyard, Kenninghall Rd, Banham, Norwich, NR16 2HE
Phone number:  01953 888593
Open Mic Night:  Wednesdays, 8:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#5 Louis Marchesi: Open Mic Night

open mic near me

Louis Marchesi is a traditional bar with a lively atmosphere, no matter what day of the week it is.

They host a popular open mic night that brings all of the local singer-songwriters together every week.

A p.a system and backline are all provided so all you need to do is show up with whatever extra equipment you might need.

They sometimes have different featured artists which bring in quite the crowd, meaning that you will have an attentive audience watching your live performance.

Venue location:  Louis Marchesi – 17 Tombland, Norwich, NR3 1HR
Phone number:  01603 763099
Open Mic Night:  Wednesdays, 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#6 Gringos Mexican Tequila Bar: Electronic Music Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night


A completely different open mic night to what we’re used to here at Open Mic UK – the Electronic Music Open Mic Night encourages you to get out of the home studio and into the light of a listening and appreciative audience.

Unlike most open mic nights, this one doesn’t allow acoustic instruments at all! Laptops, synths, drum machines, loop stations, groove boxes, sequencers, samplers, iPads, modular synths, keyboards, decks, analogue and digital devices of all kinds are welcome.

They’re seeking to create all forms of electronic music including dance, ambient, noise, modular, electropop, techno, glitch, electrojazz, chiptune, hip hop, loopers, improvised, live coding, retrowave, and trance.

Meet other electronic music makers, share ideas and collaborate. Sign up on the night. Slots are up to 20 minutes (including set up, play and pack downtimes), times may be reduced to get as many artists as they can.

Slots are first come first served. Even if you don’t wish to play, you are more than welcome to come and listen. Artists should sign up from 7:30pm, music starts at 8pm.

To give you as much playtime as possible, they run two performance areas at opposite sides of the room. As one artist plays, the other has time to set up and get ready.

Venue location:  Gringo’s Mexican Tequila Bar – 25 Prince of Wales Rd, Norwich, NR1 1BG
Phone number:  01603 615831
Open Mic Night:  Fourth Thursday of every other month, 8pm
Want to perform?  Sign up from 7:30pm


#7 The Merchant’s House: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Wednesday

The Merchant’s House hosts a rotation of events for Student Mondays including open mic nights. Whether spoken word, music, comedy or even optical illusions – all artists are welcome to share their craft here.

Their open mic events draw experienced artists and fresh talent alike to perform. You can sign-up for a slot on the night from 7pm, then the music begins.

Towards the end of each night, the hosts like to welcome musicians of all backgrounds for an open.  There will be a house keyboard and p.a available at this open mic – if you need any other instruments, make sure to bring them along.

Venue location:  The Merchant’s House – 7-9 Fye Bridge St, Norwich, NR3 1L
Phone number:  Contact them through their Facebook page
Open Mic Night:  Third Wednesday of the month, 7pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#8 The Reindeer: Open Mic

Open Mic Finder

The open mic night at The Reindeer offers a great stage for any local unsigned acts to build recognition and following.

Hosted by Steven Burkett, this is one of the favourites in the city. All types of music are welcome here – every type of music you can think of, and more!

No matter what your ability, Steven will ensure that you get a chance to play in from of a supportive audience – make sure not to miss out on next month’s session.


Venue location:  The Reindeer – 10 Dereham Rd, Norwich, NR2 4AY
Phone number:  07534 944242
Open Mic Night:  First Thursday of the month, 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Ever considered hosting your own open mic night?


#9 Bedford’s: Norwich Jazz Club

Open Mic Finder

With such a buzzing atmosphere and awesome local talent, ‘The Norwich Jazz Club’ open mic is very popular in the town.

Join everyone at Bedford’s Bar on the first Tuesday of the month for their regular jam session where guest performers are invited to sit in with the house trio.

Located in the upstairs bar you can enjoy the music from the comfort of the sofas or 2- and 4-seater tables.

Musicians of all ages and experience are welcome, so join on-stage for a play, sing, or blow. Alternatively, feel free to relax and listen to some of the city’s finest jazz talent. Admission is £6, doors open at 7:30pm, music runs from 8-11pm.


Venue location:  Bedford’s – 1 Old Post Office Yard, Norwich, NR2 1SL
Phone number:  01603 666869
Open Mic Night:  First Tuesday of the month, 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#10 Jurnet’s Bar: Musical Theatre Open Mic

Norwich open mic nights

A very new one on our list, the Musical Theatre Open Mic at Jurnet’s Bar has recently opened its doors to everyone who enjoys playing musical theatre numbers to a keen audience.

Free entry and family-friendly, this one starts early – 7:30pm till late every last Monday of the month. A full p.a system with mics will be provided, instruments may be provided, but bring anything extra you think you might need just in case.

Everybody is welcome here – they’re expecting a great turnout this year, so if you’re into musical theatre you won’t want to miss out on this one.


Venue location:  Jurnet’s Bar – 169 King St, Norwich, NR1 1QW
Phone number:  07523 868799
Open Mic Night:  Last Monday of the month, 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Bonus Open Mics in Norwich

Platform Twelve: Wednesday Jam

Jam night norwich

Wednesday Jam is a relaxed and informal music night for musicians to get to know each other and play together, with a low-key audience and often a jazz vibe.

This open mic night will be moving venues very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. The guys who run the open mic love live music and they want to give local musicians the chance to perform live.

There will be everything you need to perform at the new venue, including a p.a system, mics and amps.

The night can get very popular so make sure that you arrive early to secure your place.


Venue location:  Platform Twelve – 12 St Benedicts St, Norwich, NR2 4AG
Phone number:  01603 666112
Open Mic Night:  First Wednesday of the month, 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Garden House: Open Mic Night

The Garden house is a traditional venue with a lively atmosphere, no matter what day of the week it is.

They host a popular open mic night that brings all of the local singer-songwriters and bands together every month.

A p.a system and backline are all provided here so all you need to do is show up. All genres are welcome here.


Venue location:  The Garden House – 1 Pembroke Rd, Norwich, NR2 3HD
Phone number:  07557 355564
Open Mic Night:  Third Friday of the month, 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


So now you know where to perform in Norwich there are no excuses for not getting out there and get performing!

Open mic nights near me in Norwich

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