Online Singing Lessons | Are Online Singing Lessons Worth it?

Even if you know you want to be a singer and you know you can sing, taking online singing lessons is a great way for you to improve your abilities and help you to grow in confidence as well as picking up lots of great tips all at the click of a button. 

Online singing lessons are a great alternative way to improve your voice and to help your confidence as an aspiring singer. All you need to do is make sure that you have the right equipment and spend some time researching to find the right vocal coach for you. 

Nowadays, the way that we obtain information is changing all the time and the use of the internet means we can find out almost anything instantly. Learning to sing is another example of that.

Are online singing lessons worth it?

Why are online singing lessons worth giving a go

As great as it would be for all of us aspiring singers to have a professional singing coach at our fingertips, it’s just not always possible. We don’t all have those resources to make it available so online singing lessons are another great option. Obviously it’s cheaper and sometimes, depending on the sources you choose to use, it’s free. There are so many videos out there sharing tips and suggestions about different ways to improve your voice.  

Best free online singing lessons  

If you can’t afford to shell out for lessons, take a look at our list for free lessons.  

  • Singbetter – Offers a wealth of tips and pointers about how to improve your voice. 
  • Take lessons – Although this is a paid service, you can do a free trial to give a taster of what it can offer you. Why not give it a go and learn something new for free? 
  • Superior Singing – Available on Youtube, this offers lots of exercises to help you improve your singing.  
  • The Pro Singer – Another great service which will help you to achieve a better range.  
  • – Offers a range of exercises and vocal training for aspiring singers. 

Best online singing lessons for beginners 

  • Roger Love Singing Academy – Run by the vocal coach Roger Love who also worked on the TV show Glee, this is a great resource for improving your vocals. 
  • Singorama – You can choose between a digital download of a physical copy.It has lots of good tips to help you gain the fundamentals of singing. 
  • Hear and Play – A comprehensive programme which will cover everything you need to learn from vocal and breathing exercises to pitch, voice control, scales and more.  
  • 30 Day Singer – Full of tips on how to help you improve your singing voice in 30 days.  
  • Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing – Who wouldn’t want to learn to sing from one of the best and most powerful female singers of our generation?  

Online singing lessons are just like the traditional singing lessons except for the fact that the student and teacher are not in the same room together. It could be that you use a tutorial on YouTube or you could have a lesson via Skype. Both are good ways for you to rehearse and improve your singing. If you have got a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone then there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work for you.  

Advantages of online singing lessons

There are many advantages to this form of learning. Firstly, it gives you more options for vocal coaches as you aren’t going to be restricted by geography. It means you have a better chance of finding a teacher who shares the same passion for a particular genre of music as you do. 

It also means it saves time as you can arrange a time that is convenient to you both without having to worry about travelling to a specific location. Online lessons will also be cheaper as you don’t have to pay for travel and the teacher doesn’t have to pay to hire out a room for the lesson to take place in, so these are all costs which will be reduced. 

The big advantage of these online lessons is also that it makes it much more convenient to record your lessons which gives you the chance to watch it back and to help you to improve. If there is something you are struggling with then having a recording of your lesson will give you better opportunities to practice and perfect that technique that you are having trouble with.  

You will generally feel more relaxed and better prepared for your lesson because you won’t have had the stress of travelling to your lesson and you can make better use of this time by warming up and getting ready to sing. 

What might I find difficult about online singing lessons? 

Obviously, they are going to be different and there might be some things that you struggle with. If you are new to the music industry and you are at the start of your singing career, you might not feel totally comfortable singing in your own home. If you have neighbours, live in a shared house or have family in the next room, you may feel that you aren’t having that private experience to practice your singing. However, the more you practice, the more confident you will feel and it’s likely that you will get the support from those who are nearby. 

At home, you may find there are distractions such as other friends or family being too loud or noises from outside, or even your phone beeping. If you make sure you are prepared you can warn those around you that you have a lesson and you can make sure the windows are shut and your phone is switched to silent so you can concentrate. 

You also need to make sure you are prepared from a technical side of things – make sure you don’t have any internet trouble and test your microphone and your webcam in advance to be sure that it all works and you aren’t going to get cut off midway through a lesson. 

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Can you teach yourself to sing? 

It might sound like an obvious question but the answer is simple. With enough hard work, yes you can. Singing isn’t just a skill you were born with. Many people take lessons and find them to be extremely rewarding and very satisfying. 

You can teach yourself to sing and using online videos and lessons is a great place to start. Lots of people have difficulty staying in tune while other people might start singing ok but can’t then hold a tune. Whatever your ability, with enough time and effort you can learn to sing in tune and you can then go on to develop a good voice. 

How long does it take to learn to sing? 

How long is a piece of string? The likelihood is, if you are reading this then you probably already have some singing ability and you are simply looking to improve the skills you already have. But either way, there is no straight forward answer to this question. Whether or not you are lucky enough to have the skills to sing, there is always room for improvement. 

So learning to sing could take weeks or it could take months. The important thing is to be patient and believe in yourself and your abilities. Keep practicing and keep believing that you can do it. 

Are singing lessons worth it? 

This is probably a question that many people have asked over the years, especially those of you who are serious, aspiring singers who might be unsure whether or not it’s worth investing the time and money into singing lessons. 

But the short answer is yes. No matter how good a singer you are, there is always room for improvement and you can not underestimate the value of having a professional coach helping you to improve your singing. Yes, it is a skill and not everyone can do it. But if you are lucky enough to possess the skills to sing then why not enlist the help of someone else to be the best you possibly can? 

Your voice is basically like a musical instrument. So if you can improve the way that you sound when you play an instrument, why shouldn’t your voice improve in the same way? 

Professional vocal coaches can help you to train your voice and make sure that you are singing in key. They can also help you to sing louder. 

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Simple tips to improve your voice

  1. Drink lots of water

    A large part of singing goes into the preparation. You wouldn’t expect a musician to turn up to a gig without tuning their guitar and the same goes for singing. It’s all about making sure your voice is ready so make sure that you are hydrated and that your throat doesn’t dry out. Gargle with hot water to keep your throat clean. Avoid shouting. Eat food that is good for your throat so avoid anything spicy or greasy and stay away from anything that is too hot or too cold. 

  2. Practice scales

    A great way to practice singing and to enable you to reach more notes, scales are an essential warm up for any singer and something that even the most talented and experienced singers will still do even after years of singing. 

  3. Breathing and using your lungs

    It sounds so obvious but if you can’t control your breathing properly, you are going to struggle to control your singing voice. More practice will enable you to know when to breathe and how long to take a breath for. Vocal lessons are a great way for you to learn about your abilities and how to use your lungs in the best way. How much sound can you get from each breath? How much power do you have over your voice? People often run out of breath when they are first learning to sing but vocal teaching helps you to control your breathing and keep it in time with the music. 

  4. Good posture

    Lots of people don’t realise this but the way that you are sitting or standing when you are singing is really important. If you are slouching it can affect your breathing and your diaphragm which means that you can’t get as much air into your lungs which in turn, affects the strength of your voice. Make sure your shoulders are back and you aren’t bending your neck too much. 

  5. Get enough sleep

    Make sure that you get your eight hours so that you are well rested. You could be the best singer in the world but if you haven’t rested your body as well as your voice it’s going to have an impact on your singing. If you can’t get the full eight hours at night then consider taking a nap during the day. 

Knowing your vocal range 

You may think that by now, you know what your vocal range is and what your singing abilities are. But have you ever considered that your voice might be more powerful than you think it is? This is the sort of benefit you can get from having singing lessons. You will learn what your range is and you will also discover what kind of songs best fit into that vocal range. 

Learning to sing and taking lessons will mean you could increase your vocal range by more than you think and it opens up your possibilities as a singer. 

Can you match pitch? 

This is another important step that singers must take and it’s all about making sure you are singing in tune. Matching pitch is about hearing a note and making sure you can sing that same note, otherwise known as hitting the right notes!  

To match pitch there are some simple singing exercises that you can do to ensure that you have control over your voice and can hit the right note each time. 

There are different ways that you can do this whether it’s using a digital tuner, an app or by recording yourself singing. 

Once you have mastered this skill then it’s time to focus on controlling your voice as you move from note to note which will allow you to sing a whole song and to stay in pitch throughout. If you can’t do this you may start off well but then hit the wrong note or gradually go off key in the rest of the song.  

The big challenge for new and improving singers is being able to handle and control the sudden leaps and changes in pitch. It’s fairly easy to move between notes which are close together but it’s more of a challenge when there is a sudden leap and it can be hard to nail that next note first time. You can use scales and vocal exercises to learn voice control.

Will I benefit from online singing lessons?  

It’s a question you probably have been asking yourself while reading this but it’s probably worth giving it a go. If it doesn’t work out for you, you can revert back to the more traditional format but in the meantime, any extra singing practice is always going to be worth it. 

Have you tried online singing lessons? Would you recommend it? Share your tips and suggestions below. 


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