Open Mic Manchester – The Top 10 Best Nights Near Me

Manchester boasts plenty of open mic nights with a variety of music styles and venues. Open mic nights in Manchester are most commonly found on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in live music pubs. So, whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy the local talent with your favourite drink, or perhaps to fill the stage yourself, Manchester open mic nights will provide the ideal experience for any and all tastes.

The Best Open Mic Nights in Manchester

Looking for an open mic night in Manchester? In no particular order, these venues attract the best of the city’s breakthrough musical talent.

#1 Tusk Bar: Open Mic Night Manchester

Tusk value their ‘little slice of Africa’ for its lively atmosphere and choice of cocktails ‘crafted with care and attention to detail’. The vibrant, African-inspired interior and exotic drink selection, including ‘The King Louis’ and ‘Spiced Jungle Pump’ promise to invigorate the beginning of any grey week with a visit to one of their Monday night open mics in Manchester.

The events are thoroughly inclusive: ‘we’ve got room on stage for everyone’– simply email ahead to pre-book a slot for the evening.

Venue location: Tusk Bar – 88 High Street, Manchester, M4 1ES
Phone number: 0161 828 8700
Open Mic Night: Tuesdays from 7pm
Want to perform? Email ahead to pre-book a slot for the evening

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#2 The Thirsty Scholar Manchester Open Mic: ‘Tuesday Tony’

This pub boasts a charming, quirky character, tempting vegetarian-based menu, and a truly unique location tucked beneath a railway bridge.

The Thirsty Scholar’s status as one of the most popular open mic venues in Manchester ensures that anyone keen to take part in a ‘Tuesday Tony’ can be guaranteed a receptive crowd and lively atmosphere.

Artists of all genres are welcome to showcase their talent — inevitably producing a diverse spectacle for the audience to enjoy.

Venue location: The Thirsty Scholar – 50 New Wakefield Street, Manchester, M1 5NP
Phone number: 0161 236 6071
Open Mic Night: Tuesday from 7pm
Want to perform? Stage slots are available on the night

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#3 The Old Pint Pot

This chilled-out pub on the bank of the Irwell, Salford is a worthy mention to any music enthusiast — frequently playing host to a variety of events.

The Old Pint Pot’s proximity to the local university and inexpensive drinks menu make it a popular destination with the student crowd, or anyone else seeking an economical way to enjoy a social atmosphere and quality music over a few drinks.

Audience interaction is encouraged at The Old Pint Pot’s open mics, producing a lively, exciting vibe for both spectators and performers. Slots for the open mic are available or the night, or can be secured in advance with a message to The Old Pint Pot’s Facebook page.

Venue location: The Old Pint Pot – 2 Adelphi Street, City Centre, Salford, M3 6EN
Phone number: 0161 839 7958
Open Mic Night: Tuesdays from 8pm
Want to perform? Slots are available on the night or drop them a message via the Facebook page

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Open Mic near me

#4 Bierkeller

It’s popularity with the student scene ensures that Manchester’s Bierkeller can always deliver a lively atmosphere and great prices — even a live Oompah band on select nights.

The long wooden benches that deck-out this Bavarian-bar make it easy to socialise with your fellow revellers, so it’s a great location for those who enjoy a louder, more up-beat setting.

This might not offer the intimacy of other venues, but anyone who takes to the stage can be certain of an animated crowd to carry them along. Sign up at the bar on the night to secure your performance slot.

Venue location: Bierkeller – The Printworks, Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 2BS.
Phone number: 0845 533 3000
Open Mic Night: Tuesdays at 8pm
Want to perform? Sign up at the bar on the night to secure your performance slot

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#5 The Fitzgerald

“A touch of Great Gatsby glamour in the Northern Quarter”. The Fitzgerald combines a luxurious vintage interior with an intriguing cocktail and champagne menu (served in authentic 1920s glass wear) to provide the ultimate atmospheric drinking spot. There is a shadowy allure to the back-street entrance — reminiscent of the Prohibition Era drinking dens of the Twenties and Thirties.

The open mic night is organised by Johnny Woodhead, who’s always happy to lend out his guitar, and a selection of technical equipment to help the performers produce the perfect the sound and atmosphere. After their set is finished participants are entitled to a drink on the house in return for entertaining the crowd.

Venue location: The Fitzgerald – 11 Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DB
Phone number: 0161 228 6629
Open Mic Night: Wednesdays 8:30pm – 11pm
Want to perform? Turn up on the night “We’ve got room on our stage for everyone”

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#6 Sam’s Chop House

This aesthetic Victorian-listed venue is an unashamed celebration of British culture. Established in 1872, Sam’s Chop House was previously frequented by the artistic legend, and lover of Manchester’s industrial appeal, LS Lowry. The bar proudly claims to stock ‘The best value fine wines in Manchester’ (Gerard Basset, OBE, Master of the Wine) — the perfect accompaniment enjoying the live music.

Entry to the open mic event is free, and even better, Sam’s-bar frequently offers promotional prices on drinks, available exclusively during the open mic, as well as a selection of superior-quality pub nibbles. So, Sam’s Chop House is the perfect venue for anyone who appreciates great British food and live music.

Venue location: Sams’s Chop House – Back Pool Fold, Manchester, M2 1HN
Phone number: 0161 834 3210
Open Mic Night: Thursdays from 8pm
Want to perform? Performance slots are available to claim on the night

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#7 The Crown and Kettle

This venue is perhaps best known for its somewhat time-worn, but nonetheless stunning chandelier ceiling. The antiquated décor continues throughout, including the gothic windows and a hefty bar, serving an excellent selection of ales. The Crown and Kettle is bound to impress those who savour the traditional pub feel.

Their open mic events draw experienced artists and fresh talent alike to perform beneath the beautiful 18th century architecture. You can sign-up for a slot on the night from 7pm, then the music begins at 8pm. There’s even an in-house drummer available throughout the evening, and all performers are entitled to a free drink after their set!

Venue location: The Crown and Kettle – 2 Oldham Rd, Manchester, M4 5FE
Phone number: 0161 235 0978
Open Mic Night: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 8pm
Want to perform? Sign-up for a slot on the night from 7pm

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#8 Ark Manchester: ‘PLTFRM’

Ark Manchester’s PLTFRM (pronounced ‘platform’) offers a great stage for any local unsigned acts to build recognition and following — with the added appeal of half-priced drinks before 10pm, and £2.50 drinks after 10pm during the open mic.

Ark is one of the largest open mic venues in the city, so getting onstage isn’t for the faint-hearted, but an enthusiastic audience and lively evening can be guaranteed for those who do.

Venue location: Ark – 3A-5 Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5LH
Phone number: 0161 819 5858
Open Mic Night: Thursdays from 6pm
Want to perform? Email in advance to express an interest in performing

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#9 Roots Bar: Manchester ‘Roots Jam Sessions’

‘The Roots vibe draws you in and holds you close, invites you to be seen, or sit back and just savour the beautiful African ambience that surrounds you’. This is another venue seeking to provide the antidote to the frequently grey, sometimes dreary British climate.

Roots provides bold décor, a flavourful menu and a warm reception. Any musicians are welcome onstage, but the Roots vibe especially celebrates the ‘funky, soulful and groovy’. Entry into the event is free and special drinks prices are available throughout the open mic.

Venue location: Roots Bar & Restaurant – 518 Hyde Rd, Manchester, M18 7AA
Phone number: 0161 478 8135
Open Mic Night: Thursdays from 8pm
Want to perform? Performance slots are available on the night

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#10 Fab Café: ‘Sunday Sessions’

The kitsch and quirky décor of Fab Café TV/Film themed bar is totally different to any other drinking-spot in Manchester — or beyond. Since their opening in 1998, they have sought to provide the ‘ultimate antidote to the mainstream’, and continue to be passionate champions of Manchester’s alternative music scene with their ‘Sunday Sessions’.

Entry is free; the evenings normally begin with an hour of open mic (usually acoustic sets, but not limited to) when anyone is welcome to sign up and perform. This is followed by the band section of the night, which showcases bands from all over the UK, and some even travelling from Europe.

Venue location: Fab Café – 111 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 6DN.
Phone number: 0161 212 2997
Open Mic Night: (Fortnightly) Sundays at 6pm (check website for dates)
Want to perform? Email in advance to pre-book a slot.

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Bonus Open Mics in Manchester

Bar One Ten: The Three’s Jam Night

Salford and Manchester Open Mics

Bar One Ten is a lively bar that hosts a variety of live music events including jam nights. This jam night is hosted by local band, The Three’s. The band love hearing new talent and are even happy to play your backing track if you are a solo artist!

The equipment provided on this open mic night really is professional with a full PA system, two mics, drum kit, two guitar amps, guitars including bass and a bass rig. If you prefer playing with your own guitar you are more than welcome to bring that along too.

Each performer gets a 15-20 minute slot to perform whatever songs they would prefer, you are welcome to sing covers or originals. If you make a good impression, the Bar One Ten venue might even want to book you in for your own gig so make sure that you are singing your heart out. Once you have performed your slot, it is considered rude if you leave so make sure that you stay to support the other musicians, you might even make a few friends.

Venue location:     Bar One Ten – 110 Elliott St, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8FJ
Phone number:   01942 879333
Open Mic Night:   Every Sunday 6:30-9pm
Want to perform?   You can stay up to date on the Facebook page

The Bird I’th Hand: Open Mic

open mics in Manchester

This lovely pub offers live music events throughout the week, with the pub owners hosting a weekly open mic night themselves. They love live music and want to give local musicians the chance to perform live!

There’s everything you need to perform, including a PA system, mics and amps.

The night is always very popular so make sure that you arrive early to secure you place.

Venue location:     The Bird I’th Hand – Flixton Rd, Urmston, Manchester, M41 5DN
Phone number:   0161 748 3241
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday from 8:30pm
Want to perform?   Just turn up early on the night to book your slot

Brewski Chorlton: Acoustic Night

Brewski is a modern bar with a lively atmosphere, no matter what day of the week it is!

They host a hugely popular acoustic night that brings all of the local singer-songwriters together every month.

A PA system and acoustic guitar are all provided so all you need to do is show up. They have different featured artists  which bring in quite the crowd, meaning that you will have an attentive audience watching your live performance.

Performers get a free drink and the chance to perform four songs.

Venue location:     Brewski Chorlton – 537-539 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester, M21 0UE
Phone number:   0161 222 0600
Open Mic Night:   First Thursday from 9pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up early on the night

The Park Inn: Open Mic Night

The Park Inn Manchester Open Mic Night

The Park Inn is a charming local pub that runs an open mic every other Tuesday.

Linda Jennings (who was once on The Voice) is your host for this open mic night! It’s worth going just to see her perform as she is just such a talented lady.

A full PA system, mic and instruments are provided but you can to bring your own, if you’d prefer. Tthe audience is very supportive of every performer, no matter your ability or genre.

Venue location:     The Park Inn – 135, Worsley Rd, Swinton, Manchester, M27 5SP
Phone number:   0161 793 1568
Open Mic Night:   Fortnightly Tuesdays from 8:30pm
Want to perform?   Just turn up early on the night to book your slot

Retro: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Nights Near Me Manchester

The Retro in Manchester is an awesome bar full of friendly faces and good vibes.

Their weekly open mic nights pride attracts an incredibly passionate music-loving audience.

A full PA system and instruments are provided. Everyone is welcome no matter what their music style, you will be met with nothing but encouragement.

The night is always very busy so make sure that you get there early..

Venue location:     Retro – 78 Sackville St, Manchester, M1 3NJ
Phone number:   0161 274 4892
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday from 8:30pm to midnight
Want to perform?   Simply turn up early on the night

The Albert Club: Open Mic Night

The Albert Club is actually a tennis court with a fantastic bar attached to it. On the first Sunday of the month, local musicians descend on the venue for an awesome night of open mic music.

A full PA system is supplied, however, singers are asked to bring their own instruments.

Anyone is welcome to perform, as long as you turn up to sign up on time at 7:30pm.

Venue location:     The Albert Club – 39-41 Old Lansdowne Rd, Manchester, M20 2PA
Phone number:   0161 445 1056
Open Mic Night:   First Sunday of every month from 8pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up at 7:30pm on the night

The Spoon Inn: Open Mic

Open Mic Finder Manchester

With such a buzzing atmosphere and awesome local talent, The Spoon Inn open mic is very popular.

Whether you are a seasoned performer or it’s your first time, the hosts – talented musicians Tom Evans and Alex Hislop – will make sure you feel welcome.

A PA system, mic and guitar are all provided and this is a great night to get involved in.

Venue location:     The Spoon Inn – 364 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester, M21 8AZ
Phone number:   07469713458
Open Mic Night:   Every Thursday 8-11pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up early on the night

So now you know where to perform in Manchester there are no excuses for not getting out there and get performing!

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