Performing Live

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The importance of performing live.

Performing Live: Performing live is an essential aspect of being a singer and artist. The more you practice performing live the better your performance ability and stage craft will become.

Performing live helps you build confidence in your ability, develop yourself as an act and sharpen your timing and stage craft.

Performing Live – Develop your Performance Skills

Use live performance opportunities to enhance and develop your performance skills. The more you are able to perform live the more you can learn how to connect with your audience and interact with the crowd.

Breaks between songs are a perfect way to engage with your audience and let your personality shine. Practice makes perfect, so getting on stage is the only way your confidence will grow to combat any nerves.

How to Perform Live

When performing live you need to feel the music you are singing/playing, believe what you are singing about and let that show in your performance.

When a fan attends a live show they want to be able to connect with the artist and see that they are really feeling what they are singing about. It makes the experience so much more memorable.

After your performance, the most important thing is to network. One easy way to getting lots of performances is by going to lots of different Open Mic nights in and around your area.

Don’t just stick to the same nights as each venue, PA system and sound engineer are different and all aid to building your experience as a live performer. Also speaking to other singers and acts will hopefully open up more performance opportunities, such as paid gigs and promoter details.

How to Start Performing Live

The easiest way to starting getting yourself out there and performing live is by performing at local Open Mic nights. They may not be quite on a par with an actual gig, but playing at Open Mic nights will help you get started in developing your performance skills.

Scout out which venues in your local area host Open Mic events and how to get involved in performing at them, then try and attend maybe one or two every week.

These opportunities will help you get used to being watched by a crowd and teach you how to interact with your audience.

At the end of the day all practice is one step closer towards being tighter when performing live. Once you build up your stage presence, songs and fanbase, you will then be able to start getting paid gigs.