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Tips on playing guitar during your performance

Playing guitar: Suddenly with a guitar in hand it can throw off even the most experienced of performers, so you will need to think of yourself as starting performing from scratch. You will need to build your confidence and perfect your stagecraft with playing guitar. So the disciplines are very much the same as we’ve covered before.

Rehearse playing guitar and your set like you would play it live. That means ad-libbing in between tracks and thinking of some small talk, which is better than the average ‘give me a second…’ whilst you tune up leaving the audience in silence.

Playing Guitar – Performance Tips

Film yourself 

Filming yourself is always a good idea and may help you pick out your own faults before you get to the stage of playing guitar to the public. For example, if you notice that you close your eyes too often or your right arm is particularly stiff, you can alter these before your important performances.

Often performers find that they are looking down whilst playing guitar; this is a habit that cuts off engagement with the audience. Filming yourself is one of our most effective playing tips, as it’s a performance angle that you’d not normally see.

Play low stress performances 

Playing guitar can be a daunting situation so it’s a good idea to try out some methods of performance with friends and family beforehand. Set up a microphone stand as you would have in a stage setting and try out different methods of playing guitar. This gives you access to honest criticism from your select audience and can help refine your act.

Also consider some local open mic nights. That way it’s not going to be so crucial if you mess up and again if you film it you can constantly review and refine.

Tips for Playing Guitar

Make sure your guitar is set up 

It’s important when playing guitar, that your instrument to be in tune, your strap to be the correct height, and your batteries to be new if applicable. Also remember to carry back up equipment like spare batteries, cables, strap and picks; there will be one occasion you will need it so be prepared.

Consider buying yourself a pair of strap locks to protect your prized possession. It happens too often that a guitar strap doesn’t fit correctly or is weak and breaks on stage while playing guitar.

Play with enthusiasm 

The audience doesn’t necessarily support the most talented performers, but rather the most enthusiastic ones. Extra points if you’re both. Enthusiasm doesn’t have to be loud – sincere love of playing guitar is enough. Enthusiasm is contagious, and truly enthusiastic performances are generally rare and appreciated. Be one of these performers!