Radio Interview Preparation for Singers

Planning around the interview!

Radio interview preparation for singers: Radio interviews are a great way for singers to achieve wide-spread exposure for themselves and their music, but with the incredibly short amount of time available to create an impact, they can be stressful.


  • Plan ahead! Ask the presenter beforehand what kind of questions they will ask so you can prepare your answers accordingly. This avoids any awkward silences and rambling while you try and think of what to say.
  • Plan what message you want to get across and focus on it! If your new single is out next week, focus on that! If you have a show that week, make that your priority. Try not to over-sell the message; you don’t want to bore listeners.
  • Remember you’re on a time limit so try and keep enough time to talk about what you want to talk about. Think of interesting or funny stories that the listeners will remember.
  • Don’t rush yourself. You may be on a time limit but speaking quickly will cause you to become unclear and get in a mess, wasting time and deviating away from the point you want to make!
  • 3 quick speaking tips: speak in short sentences; take your time with the first 3 words to avoid rushing and pronounce each syllable in every word! This should help you stay clear!
  • Make sure you get a link to your website and social media sites in there so people can check you out. Once the interview is over you won’t get that chance again!
  • Make the most of the opportunity post on your social media, before and after.
  • Have a picture with the presenter, another opportunity to have a post and tag in the radio station so widen the audience.
  • Ask or find out if they do a pod cast post a link of the interview.
  • Also ask if the Radio station is involved in any local gigs or events, they often do and this would represent another opportunity to perform to an audience and get your music heard.
  • Always thank the presenter and ask if you can come back in, in a few months to give an update.
  • Invite the presenter to your next gig!
  • Afterwards, listen back and review the interview to see where it went well and where it could improve.


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