Singing in a Group

Tips on singing in a group or duo

Singing in a group: Singing in a group allows singers to sing and perform with other people rather than going solo. Ensure if going down this route you make it for the right reason as it may come with risks and requires a lot of commitment.

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Tips on Singing in a Group

The problem many duos and groups face is that they all have something individually, but often struggle to make it work together singing in a group.

It’s important to remember that singing in a group is only as good as their worst performer. It might seem an easier way of performing as there are more people in the group to share the roles, but it doesn’t always work out that way. The most successful groups play on the strengths of each individual and try to highlight those whilst performing.

You don’t all have to sound the same 

Many groups struggle because they fail to layer up their harmonies and instead make all the harmonies the same when singing in a group. Without layering the vocals you risk sounding like a solo act or by being slightly out of time can end up sounding like a car crash. When performing it’s important that the vocals layer up well to show off how diverse the act can be and what singing in a group can make you capable of.

Singing in a Group – Benefits


In relation to the above point on harmonies, it is even more important to ensure as a duo or group you work the dynamics individually to work collectively while singing in a group.

Interact and engage with one another 

Just because individuals singing in a group have their own role, doesn’t mean that there can’t be interaction within the group. Interaction and engagement with each other can show chemistry and unification. This is all part of an act’s image. You want fans to feel that you are fun and want to be part of the group. It’s often difficult for groups to interact with each other as they’re too focused on what they have to do. To avoid this it’s best to work out how to interact with each other when rehearsing for your performance.

Advice when Singing in a Group


For a group of singers there is a stronger need for the image to be worked on because you need to look like an act, not like your singing in a group of individuals. The art of synchronisation is something all duos and groups should master to look more like a group. Having a strong image, as with any act, is even more important with a group to express an identity that can help to develop the act as a brand.


Singing in a group or duo you should bank on having to work twice as hard to get it flawless, especially in terms of a performance. Just singing won’t be enough. A good way of enhancing a performance singing in a group or duo is by incorporating a routine into a performance. This keeps the audience watching and shows the group are more than just individuals singing, they are a group that can sing and perform.

Get it right and it can work with powerful effect, get it slightly wrong and it can come across as very amateurish. As always the key is practice and preparation make perfect.


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