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How to pick the right singing teacher

Singing Teacher: Choosing the right singing teacher is such an important decision when thinking about singing lessons. Making the wrong choice in singing teacher can lead to wasted time, money, frustration and a loss of confidence; but worse of all, potential vocal damage.

However, finding the right teacher can bring you amazingly fast results, confidence in your ability, an enormous amount of pleasure and even a successful career!

Singing Teacher – Picking the right one

The right teacher should make you feel comfortable and at ease. He or she should be supportive and motivational and work with you at your own pace to bring out the best in your voice.

You should not only feel and hear improvement in your voice but you also really enjoy the experience. Recommendation

If you already know of singers with good voices find out who they take lessons with. Do some research on your local singing teachers; good references and recommendations are always a good place to start.


The best way to access everything you would need to know about your potential singing teacher is if they have a professional and up to date website. Looking out for information on the techniques they teach, relevant training, styles they teach and testimonials should all help you to be able to determine if they’re going to be a good choice for you.

Are they qualified? 

Qualifications are not always essential, but they can be a good guide to help you decide which teacher is best for you. Don’t be too quick to base your decision on whether they have a degree, a multitude of letters after their name or whether they have had a dazzling and successful singing career themselves.

Singing Teacher – Finding a singing teacher

Having the discipline to study and pass exams does not automatically equate to being an effective and inspirational singing teacher, and being a great singer often doesn’t translate into being a great teacher or coach!

It is however an essential requirement that a singing teacher can actually sing as they will need to use their voice to demonstrate a multitude of examples of singing exercises to you.

Lesson format 

It is crucial that the singing teacher you choose is prepared and able to devote a good proportion of the lesson time to teaching you vocal technique. This should be done through the use of exercises that are tailored specifically to your voice type.

A quick warm up will not be sufficient to develop the technique you will need to enable you to sing a song competently from start to finish, and omitting this important stage could ultimately cause vocal damage.

Do their students sing well? 

This best gauge of a good singing teacher is to be able to hear the results their students have achieved as a result of having lessons with them. Obviously if they have dramatically improved it is a massive indicator that they are a good singing teacher.

Their voices should sound individual and stand out for the right reasons, so avoid working with a singing teacher whose students all have similar issues with their voices such as: nasal, strained, shouty, breathy or overly stylised, to name a few.

Tips for finding a singing teacher

Although recommendations are a great starting point for you to find a singing teacher, what is great for one person is not always going to be the case for you. Make sure you are given the opportunity and time to ask any further questions you may have.

Singing style 

Probably just as important as any of the above tips, don’t forget to pick a singing teacher appropriate to the music you want to sing. If you want to be a pop singer then avoid a teacher that is classically trained, otherwise you may just develop a classical twang that will take considerable time and practice to unlearn.

Try and test 

A good singing teacher will be more than happy to discuss lessons prior to you making a booking. Most singing teachers will be more than happy to offer a “taster” or special introductory lesson which is a perfect opportunity for you to make your choice.

Once you’ve made a decision ask the teacher (if they don’t already) to record the sessions and review them on a regular basis, around every three months. See your improvement singing the same or similar songs and be prepared to change singing teachers if you don’t feel you are progressing.

Whatever you do, practise in the “right way” daily and train with a qualified teacher on a regular basis; if funds permit ideally at least once a week.