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How to prepare your voice with singing warm ups

Singing warm ups: Singing warm ups are important as they protects your vocal cords and prepare your voice to perform at its best! A warmed up voice stands out in comparison to one that’s not.

Singing warm ups – Techniques

Release your jaw

Relaxing your jaw allows for the best movement when singing. It’s best to massage your cheeks with the heel of each hand and exercise your jaw by opening and closing your mouth.

Good posture

Having the correct posture when doing singing warm ups helps with the airflow through your body.  The best way to stand is with your legs shoulder width apart and your feet firmly on the floor. If you choose to sit rather than stand, sit on the edge of the chair, back straight, and don’t lean on the chair.

Deep breaths

Best practise when doing singing warm ups is avoiding the poor habit of using only the top of their lungs; make sure you avoid this. If you feel tense at all whilst breathing it will show through your voice. Keep your shoulders low and your chest relaxed.

No hot or cold drinks

Room temperature water is the best drink for singing warm ups. Avoid dairy drinks such as milk and milkshakes completely as they coat your throat and don’t let all of the voice through. Hot and cold drinks have negative effects on your vocals before a performance.

Advice on singing warm ups

Ease all tension and relax your body

A top tip for singing warm ups as this will ease your mind and steady your voice. Try having a small snack to settle your stomach, but not so you feel full. A banana is a good example. Chewing gum can help relieve tension in your jaw, but if you haven’t eaten, don’t chew for too long as it can cause digestion issues.

Do scales

Practising scales will help you to see what you’re comfortable with and what may be a struggle on the day. It also prepares your voice for every note you’re likely to hit during your performance. Gradually build up your scales as starting too high or too low will damage your vocals.


Humming helps to cool down your voice, but also helps with singing warm ups without the straining of singing. Humming through the scales is an effective technique to ensure your voice is warmed up before performing and to protect your vocals.

Make a “mmm” sound in your own spoken voice like you’re agreeing with something or have just had something tasty to eat. You should feel a gentle vibration in your throat and on your lips.

Once you’ve mastered it and it feels really comfortable try to hum through various scales. Perhaps then try broken up notes, 1 per note “mm, mm, mm,” and also in 1 long “mmmmmmm” smoothly across the notes.

Failing to do singing warm ups risks not only a poor performance, but also damaging your voice in the long run. You should never sing at full volume without fully warming up first.