Social Media for Singers

How to maximise your social media presence as a singer.

Social media for singers: As social media becomes a more significant platform for promotion, it’s important that you, as a singer, use them to the best of your ability.  It gives you the ability to spread the word about you as a musician – whether that be good or bad feedback!


If Facebook were a country in terms of population it’d be the 3rd more populated country in the world, so you’d be silly not to use this platform for your promotion.

You can use Facebook to build a strong fan base and promote events and gigs you’ll be playing at.

Creating an event on Facebook allows you to give all your fans details of where you’ll be playing and is a quick way to spread the word instantly.


Twitter is a useful tool for singers as it makes it easy to find like-minded people through suggestions and retweets. The most unique thing about Twitter is its use of the hash tag (#). This allows people to search that specific word or phrase and every other tweet within it in pops up. It’s useful for promotion as you can use the same hash tag handle throughout your campaign.



As the most popular video sharing platform, with 70 hours of video being uploaded every minute, YouTube is something all singers should take advantage of. As a free service it’s expected all singers will have a YouTube account, so make sure you have a channel on it where people can subscribe to everything you post.


LiveStream is a relevantly new platform, it connects people and live events. You have the opportunity to have live video chats with your fans or even have a stream of your gig playing live to fans that aren’t present. Many musicians use LiveStream as a way to interact through question and answer sessions.

Last FM

Possibly the most useful platform for singers as it allows you to have all of your music in one place and is available for everyone with Last FM accounts.

The best feature of Last FM is that it shows everyone you are connected with what you’re listening to and then makes suggestions of other bands you might like. Think of it like a fan, getting a suggestion of your act because they like someone similar, and works very strongly to your advantage.


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