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How to make a song choice your own

Song Choices: Picking the right song choice for an audition or performance is crucial. It could be a decision which makes you stand out, so picking the correct song can define a singer and maximize your chances to shine.

Thereafter you can focus on interpreting and covering the song in your unique style and voice.

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Audition Song

Importance of audition song choice Audition Song: Picking the correct audition song can define a singer, catch the attention of their audience and maximize their chance to shine. Here are the important things to take into account when making the decision! Audition Song – Importance of Song Choice Firstly make sure the song suits your vocal... Read more »

Song Choices Tips

Make sure the song choice suits your vocal style and range. 

Selecting a song choice that really shows off the sweeter tone in your range is always going to be best. Working with a vocal coach can really help you establish what this is. It’s pointless selecting a song that you struggle to sing and are unable to reach either the low or the high notes.

Pick a song choice that you can make it your own.

Showing off your own originality and individuality is crucial in helping you stand out from the crowd. You need to select a song that you can adapt to make your own, but also fits your image, style and age.

HOT TIP! Perhaps if singing a cover, sing something that was originally done by the opposite sex, it then instantly has to change and thus different from the original.

Try not to play it to safe, yet do not to take a huge risk. Picking a song choice that doesn’t demonstrate any of your talents is not a good pick.

In the opposite vain, picking a song that offers no room for you to shine will not impress any judges either! So get the balance right. The song needs to be your moment to grab the judges’ and audiences’ attention and stand out.

Song Choices – Songs Not to Choose

what not to sing at an audition

Try picking a song that hasn’t been covered numerous times otherwise it will be hard to stand out and you will risk your version getting lost amidst the other versions.

You want to pick a song that isn’t covered very often; so avoid picking something constantly played on the radio or currently in the charts.

Pick something modern or if an old song put a modern twist on it. Also remember to select a song that is applicable and appropriate to your age!

DO NOT pick a popular song, every year at the Open Mic UK auditions we will hear the song of the moment; Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jessie J and not forgetting the very popular Frozen song “Let It Go.”

Selecting a song choice just on the merits of showing off your vocal like taking on an epic, powerful song by someone like Whitney Houston or Celine Dion can only result in it being out of your league and leaving a bad impression of your talent. If it doesn’t sound as good as the original, people will critique it!

It is essential you pick a song that you like which you are able to connect with, but don’t pick a song just because you like it. It needs to showcase your singing abilities and your unique artistry, so if that means picking a song you don’t normally listen to, then that’s what it has to be.

Importance of Song Choice

Why picking the right song for you is important! Importance of song choice: Picking the right song to cover or perform at an audition is very important. It could be a decision that makes or breaks you as a singer. Picking the correct song can define a singer and maximize their chance to shine. You can... Read more »

How to make a song your own

Don’t worry if you are struggling for inspiration to write original songs, you can show originality as an artist by performing a cover version of another song. The secret behind doing a successful cover is bringing something new and creative to the song to make it your own.

Things you can change around include; the projection, vocal tone, the tempo and/or the instrumentation. Performing a straight up cover won’t show any imagination or originality on your behalf. The more ways you can alter the original song to create something unique, the better.

A slowed down, different style of genre version of a cover would be something truly unique that would get people interested for example. Try different styles to singing the cover, this will help you find your own voice and to develop unique vocal flares.

Whatever song you do the most important thing to think about is whether you’re connecting with the song.

Trying to sing a song that you do not feel an emotional connection to will be plainly obvious to your audience, so a top tip whilst learning how to sing with emotion is to pick songs you understand and connect with.

HOT TIP! Recording or filming you performing the song can also help you hear your performance. You and others can then analyse it and see if there are any changes you can make to make your performance better!


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