Song Mashups

Have you ever thought about doing a song mashup? The results can impress and amaze an audience, but there’s more to it than just mixing your two favourite tracks. Here we look at the best methods for creating a great mashup song.

A mashup a blend of two or more different tracks into one usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song over the instrumental track of another. You can change a lot of different parts within the songs to make a mashup including the vocal lines, melodies, rhythms and time signature.

Song Mashups

How can song mashups help with song writing?

Working on song mashups it can really help you see the way songwriters structure their songwriting and help with your own songwriting.

Song mashups open up a world of options 

It really does open up a plethora of possibilities as a musician and shows originality. You can also consider mashing together your own song with a cover. Read on to discover some hints and tips on how to make song mashups.

HOT TIP! If you haven’t quite built up the confidence to write and perform your own songs then song mashups are a great way to improve your song writing but at the same time not risk an untested new song. Remember you are only as good as your song choice!

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Choosing your song mashups

Choosing your song mashups

The first step in making song mashups is to find a track to base it on or a genre if you’re unsure of the song. It’s best to stick to mainstream or well-known tracks because song mashups can be lost on the audience if they don’t recognise the musical sections individually. After you have decided upon your first song, figure out what works with it.

This is the hard part because songs aren’t generally built to match each other however by analysing the chords used or vocal melodies it is made easier. Listen to your music collection for added inspiration.

Making song mashups flow

Warning: Generally, you will need to select songs that are written in the same key otherwise risk them feeling like they are just bolted on. Good song mashups are ones that blends and flows almost seamlessly, hopefully leaving people with the impression it was clever and original of the performer.

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Song mashups can involve plenty of different structural elements. For example, you can lay vocal melodies of one song over the rhythm of another, introduce riffs from different songs and continue to layer it up. The following structure would work with two songs that use the same four chords.

HOT TIP! Song mashups are all about trial and error. They are not easy to write so don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work out the first time. It’s a great way to improve your playing, improvisation and ear. After all it should be fun so try and test them out at some open mic nights for example, film it, ask for feedback and analyse.


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