The importance of songwriting

Songwriting: On a very basic level as a singer you are only likely to make money when you perform. Through songwriting you open up so many potential opportunities and avenues. Working on your songwriting increases your chances of being noticed as you’re offering something new to the market.

Song writing is an article extract from the forthcoming book, The Secret to Success in the Music Industry.

Why get into songwriting?

Open doors 

As a singer unless you sing original material certain doors and places to play won’t be available to you. Many open mic nights and festivals will only want artists that play their own songs, so by songwriting and performing your original songs you will make these opportunities available to you.

Record labels 

Record labels as a general rule are looking for acts that are good at songwriting, as they know that’s where the money is; otherwise you need to demonstrate something quite unique in your talent and personality to be signed. If they do sign you without your own songwriting, it’s just another thing the label needs to develop.

Songwriting importance


The money in music has in recent times been in songwriting. Regardless of who is performing the song, or where and when, you should receive money each time it is played. This can be quite significant, so if you have a successful song but you played no part in the songwriting of the original for the band or group you are in you are unlikely to receive a penny.

Songs can get you signed 

There have been some massive notable examples of acts who wrote for other artists that had huge success from songwriting and as a result the songwriter has received a lot of attention and a spotlight to launch their own career.

There are no guarantees that just because you can sing and perform that you are going to be good at songwriting too, but the thing to remember is that just like your singing, just like your performance, it needs to start from somewhere!

Eventually even if song writing doesn’t come naturally you can at least get to the level of being a co-writer and as a result you will receive credit and a cut of the money.


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