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Take regular singing lessons in Southampton with an experienced coach and you can develop the vocal techniques required to be a step ahead of the competition. But finding the right vocal coach for you is key.   

Here we take a look at the important things to bear in mind when searching for singing lessons, and how to go about booking a session with a top vocal coach in Hampshire.  

Singing lessons near me 

Learn vocal technique in Southampton 

If you want to take singing lessons in Southampton – or anywhere else – your first decision will be whether to do so in a face to face environment geographically near you, or whether to opt for online coaching. Tutoring over Skype has become increasingly popular and does give the benefit of a wider choice of teachers. However, there are some disciplines that benefit from having someone in the same room.  

Singing involves a lot of different muscles and physiology. A coach will be able to guide you far better if they can physically see you in person – it’s harder to identify where the sounds are coming from and how you’re using your breath when watching on a webcam.

And no matter how good your WiFi, you’re likely to experience glitching at some point – not ideal in a situation where high-quality audio is vital.  

Learn vocal technique in Southampton

Learn vocal technique in Hampshire

When you’re ready to find vocal coach, have a look online to get some more information. Most will have their own website. Find out what qualifications and experience your coach has. But do bear in mind, that music degrees and an impressive singing CV aren’t the only requirements. They must have an approach and way of working that fits coaching others.  

You may find some testimonials and links to past/present pupils. This is a useful way to identify the kind of results they’re getting from their sessions and whether their style fits with yours. A website should also provide information on the vocal techniques they use, genres of music with which they work and potentially have some exercises and tips you can try at home.   

Before you start work with a vocal coach, do find out how they structure lessons. You may be itching to sing lots of songs, but a major part of learning vocal technique involves practising bespoke voice workouts that will stretch and improve you. These should be prescriptive – tailored to you – as every voice is different.   

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Three singing techniques  

Learn vocal technique in Southampton 

Singing is an art form and there are many techniques, styles, schools of thought and tricks you can adopt when learning the vocal technique. Even if you’re lucky enough to be born with a naturally beautiful voice, you’ll benefit immensely from some singing lessons.   

When working with a qualified vocal coach there are three very basic areas that should always be covered from the beginning. 


Everything hangs on the support you give your voice, and this comes from the breath. You’ll hear a lot of talk about the diaphragm. This is one of the first things you should learn when taking singing lessons: how to breathe deeply and from the right place.   


Your vocal coach will also spend time looking at the way you hold yourself – and you may be surprised how engaged your whole body will become when singing.   


Clear lyrics and the practice of good diction are also very important when singing. But it’s not just a case of enunciating. Your coach will look at the placement of your tongue and lips, as well as how you’re using your soft and hard palate. You’ll be learning some anatomy of the mouth, jaw, throat and vocal cords along the way.  

Finding a vocal coach in Hampshire

Singing lessons near me in Southampton 

Vocal coaching is suitable for all ages and stages. Some coaches only work with certain types of music, such as pop, opera or musical theatre.  

The environment in which you wish to learn will also play a part in where you choose for lessons. If you’re a pop or rock singer, it’s well worth working with the kind of equipment you’ll be using at gigs and in recording sessions.   

Singing lessons near me in Southampton

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So if you want to learn a new skill, invest in your child’s future, embark on a professional music career, or develop your vocals further, take singing lessons in Southampton at River Studios.  You’ll be amazed and at how your voice will improve as a result, how much you’ll learn and how much fun you’ll have in the process.