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Spotify for Artists Profile Tips | How Artists Can Get More Spotify Followers

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It’s important that you have a strong Spotify for Artist profile if you are releasing music. As one of the most popular streaming services, Spotify is a real asset to artists from all over the world and can help you to get more Spotify followers and build your music career.

The best way to improve your Spotify artist profile is to use the right photos, create some playlists and advertise your upcoming shows. Promote your profile to a wide range of people to increase your fanbase and increase your followers. 

Spotify for Artists is a fantastic way for fans to find out more about you and your brand. Check out our best ways to improve your Spotify for Artists profile.

How to become a Spotify artist

spotify for artists wrapped

This all depends on whether or not you are signed to a record label. If you are, your music can be produced and delivered by a record label to Spotify. They will take care of it all on your behalf and all you’ll have to do is write it and record it in a studio. However, if you’re independent and unsigned then you will need to arrange the production and distribution yourself with an aggregator. 

  • Record studio quality music
  • Create artwork for your release
  • Ensure that all files are formatted to Spotify’s guidelines
  • Join a digital aggregator (Distrokid, CD Baby, TuneCore etc.)
  • Upload your music and artwork
  • Distribute to Spotify

Another option is that you could join the upload beta in Spotify for Artists. However, at the moment Spotify is trialling this and it’s currently just with US-based artists. But it’s something to keep an eye on.  

What is a Spotify artist profile? 

Spotify for Artists puts you in charge of managing your artist profile. Your artist profile on Spotify is your homepage where your fans learn more about you as an artist and discover your music. They can find new music and dig deeper to listen to some of your previous releases. It also provides information about tour dates and you can sell your merchandise there too. 

This is important because it gives you the chance to decide how you want to promote yourself as an artist on Spotify. You are given lots of different options about the way you want people to see you in the public domain. 

How do I create an artist profile on Spotify?

how do i create an artist page on spotify

Once you’ve done that, you need to make sure that you verify your artist profile on Spotify. This is key because it means your fans will know that you’re the real thing. It’s easy to do, just follow these steps.

  • Sign up or log in to Spotify
  • Get your music on Spotify
  • Request access to Spotify for Artists
  • Add profile images
  • Write an artist bio

It shouldn’t be long until your request is approved. Your artist profile will receive the verified check mark and you will gain access to a dashboard of listening data. It also gives you the chance to manage the images on your profile as well as your story and much more. 

Is Spotify for Artists free? 

Yes, it is free for all artists. Previously, there had been a requirement for artists to have at least 250 followers but this has now been dropped, opening up the options for artists trying to break into the tough business that is the music industry. It means it gives artists more options and allows them to use Spotify to promote themselves as artists. 

How do I get more Spotify followers?

This is a vital step you need to take so don’t rush it. Take your time and enjoy it – this could be the start of your career and is a fun process! Your artist profile is yours so don’t be afraid to really change it and make it your own. It needs to reflect who you are as an artist so make sure you take time to pick the right images and make your profile stand out. 

Share your profile 

Assuming that you have a good array of social media channels and your own website, this is a perfect opportunity to share your artist profile on Spotify. The more you share it, the Spotify followers you could get and you can encourage your friends and family to share it too. 

Write a Spotify artist bio

Writing a Spotify artist bio

Your artist bio is really important, as this is where fans can find out who you are as an artist and a musician. Talk about your career so far, your genre and your journey as an artist. What milestones have you reached? Have you worked with any other recognised artists? What have been the highlights of your career so far? All this sort of information will help to build up a relationship with your fans. 

Add a Spotify profile image

When it comes to images, you want to pick something that will draw fans in and will make them want to click on your artist profile instead of someone else’s. What is it that makes you stand out and represents who you are as a musician? Make sure that you pick a highresolution image. Quality is important here as if it’s the wrong size then it will be pixelated. Ideally, it needs to be at least 2660×1140. 

Use your Spotify artist data

One of the big advantages of Spotify for Artists is that you will gain access to lots of different data date to alert you to the number of people that have accessed your profile. You can find out things such as who is listening to your music and which playlists are bringing in new listeners.

These statistics are becoming more and more useful for musicians. You gain a great insight into the demographics of your fans and this can help you make important decisions in the future. For example, knowing where most of your fans are can be a great asset for choosing where to tour.

Make Spotify artist playlists

Use your Spotify artist data

Another good way to grab the attention of fans is to create and share playlists of your own. It could simply be a selection of some of your favourite songs or it could be some songs that have inspired you to become a musician. Either way, it will help to grow your fanbase and draw more attention to your music.  

Add artist metadata

You can really trick Spotify’s algorithm by using Every Noise at Once – a list of Spotify artists, which are organised by genre. A lot of these genres are unique to Spotify’s algorithm so it’s a good idea to understand their naming system. You can look into how Spotify organises them into different categories and note down the genres if they fit your style of music.

Go to the website and search for a number of the related artists that you would like to be named alongside. Then go on to Spotify’s new metadata platform called Line-In and search for your artist name. Then add as much of the relevant metadata as you can, including any new genres you discovered. 

Use Spotify for Artists pin feature

You could also consider endorsing another artist’s music by pinning one of their songs to your Spotify profile. The listeners you already have will likely listen to this song. And for a real bonus, why not ask the artist if they will pin and share one of your songs. That way you’re doing each other a favour and effectively sharing your fans. 

Collaborate with other Spotify artists

Ultimately, the best way to relate yourself to another artist is to collaborate with them. Of course, it all depends on what stage of your career you’re at, but if you feel that you are ready to make this move, it could be hugely significant and will definitely affect your list of related artists. Plus, it is another fantastic way to build that fanbase. 

Advertise your upcoming shows 

Spotify allows you to promote your gigs and live performances so make sure that you take advantage of this great opportunity. It means your fans can discover all the necessary information about how to watch you perform and it’s another great way to really help grow your fanbase. Fans can also buy tickets through Spotify, which makes it a lot easier. 

How does Spotify related artists work? 

Advertise your upcoming shows 

As an artist using Spotify, you will most likely have seen the related artists section, which is chosen by the platform itself. Often the related artists range widely from people who have inspired artists, to similar genres of music to sometimes totally irrelevant artists who don’t have anything in common. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any direct way to influence this, but there are other ways to affect Spotify’s algorithm and how the related artists are synced up with your artist profile. 

One of the main sources of information that Spotify uses for its related artists is a website called, which is now the top crowdsourced ‘listener history’ site for music. If you sign up to it and link your Spotify account and any other streaming accounts, will generate accurate related music based on your listening history. This way, it’s more likely that your related artists on Spotify will be relevant to you as an artist. 

Another option, as mentioned earlier, is to create a playlist based on other artists you would like to be related to. This way, Spotify is more likely to make that connection with those other artists. Make sure that this playlist also includes some of your own music.

Can you make money on Spotify? 

You should receive money from whoever is distributing your music. If it’s an aggregator then you will be receiving upwards of 70% of the royalties and some even offer 100%. Spotify’s pay per stream can vary significantly but it’s fair to assume that you earn less than £1 for 100-200 streams.

If you are signed to a label or publisher then this will be even less as they will be taking a cut, typically around 50% to 85% depending on the deal. Of course, you should be expecting more streams if you have signed a record deal.

Why is Spotify so important to the music industry? 

Services such as Spotify now contribute more than half of industry revenue around the world according to a report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. 

For many people, it is a part of their daily life. They use it for all sorts of reasons whether it’s to listen to music on their daily commute, while running or working out, or they could be using it at home while doing the housework on one of the popular home assistants so many of us have nowadays. It’s become a really important part of the music industry and lots of people enjoy listening to their music in this way. 

What it means simply is that the way people listen to music has changed and that therefore has changed the scope of the music industry. It’s less common for people to buy CD’s nowadays and more common for people to download their music and listen over the Internet.

It can be used for free and it can be a subscription service. Lots of people choose to subscribe to Spotify to avoid having to listen to adverts and it means you can download music rather than having to rely on always having an Internet connection. 

Spotify is one of the most popular and most important streaming services in the music industry, so as an artist using it to promote your music, it’s vital that you make a lot of effort to get it right. Spend some time over it and you could be reaping the rewards in the future. 

Have you joined Spotify for Artists? What advice can you give to fellow artists to get more Spotify followers? Share your ideas and suggestions below.