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Sunderland is the hometown to many incredible musicians including Dave Stewart, The Futureheads and Frankie & the Heartstrings. So, it’s not surprising that they have a thriving music scene and where better to practice your live performances than at a Sunderland open mic?

Best Open Mic Nights in Sunderland

So, if you are looking to perform at an open mic in Sunderland, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best places to attend an open mic night in Sunderland, in no particular order.

#1 Fitzgeralds: Open Mic Night

Fitzgeralds Sunderland Open Mic Night

Fitzgeralds is very close to Sunderland University which brings a slightly younger crowd, making it the perfect place to get the opinion of the younger generation on your music! Every single week brings different talented local musician host, which keeps it exciting.

A full PA system, house guitar, mics and amps are all provided, giving you no excuse but to turn up and sing your heart out. As mentioned previously, the crowd is fairly young but they are very supportive and have a passion for live music.

This open mic is the perfect place to test out some of your original material and see how the crowd responds. The night is always busy with a brilliant atmosphere so make sure that you turn up on time!

Venue location:     Fitzgeralds – 12-14 Green Terrace, Sunderland, SR1 3PZ
Phone number:   0191 567 0852
Open Mic Night:   Every Monday 8:30-11pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night to sign up


#2 The Dun Cow: Buskers Night

The Dun Cow Open Mic Sunderland

The Dun Cow is situated in the heart of Sunderland and prides itself on brilliant service and a generous selection of drinks for all tastes. The night is hosted by a different local musician every single week which keeps it fresh with new faces appearing all of the time!

A full PA system is provided along with mics so all you need to do is plug in and play. The audience loves hearing music slightly outside the box so whether you are performing covers or originals, just make sure that you keep it unique.

Everyone who performs gets a free pint and it’s the perfect place to meet like-minded musicians that you could even collaborate with in the future

Venue location:     The Dun Cow – Garden Pl, Sunderland, SR1 3HA
Phone number:   0191 567 2262
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday 8-11pm
Want to perform?   Just turn up early on the night


#3 The Garricks Head: Open Mic Night

The Garricks Head has undergone a recent refurbishment and is now back better than ever! They love hosting a variety of live music events along with a brilliant weekly open mic night.

A full PA system and house guitar are all provided so all you need to do is bring along your lovely singing voice. The night is always very popular with an extremely attentive audience so make sure that you turn up early to sign up in time.

All genres are welcome and you will see completely different performances from one week to the next which is what makes this open mic so unique! This is such a supportive and friendly open mic, it’s perfect for beginners who might not be familiar with live performances.

Venue location:     The Garricks Head – 50 Saville St, North Shields, NE30 1NT
Phone number:   None
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday 8pm until late
Want to perform?   Turn up at 7pm on the night to sign up


Thinking of attending your first open mic night? Here’s what to expect:

#4 Victors: Open Mic Night

Victors Open Mic Night Sunderland

Victors is a modern town centre venue that loves to host awesome live music events, including weekly open mic nights. Hosted by talented local musician, Michael Rolf, Victor’s open mic nights are full of encouragement and an attentive audience!

This open mic night is purely acoustic so you can bring your own guitar or use the in house one provided. You are welcome to perform covers but your own original songs are most definitely encouraged. The crowd want to hear new music and they are incredibly supportive!

With a lively atmosphere and a brilliant host, you really can’t go too wrong with this acoustic open mic night at Victors.

Venue location:     Victors – Low Row, 36, Sunderland, SR1 3PY
Phone number:   0191 909 7383
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday 8-10pm
Want to perform?   Turn up on the night to sign up


#5 The Isis: Acoustic Open Mic Night

#5 The IsisSunderland Acoustic Open Mic Night

On the outskirts of the city centre, The Isis is a real ale pub that is very traditional and welcoming. Their weekly open mic night is run by Ian Campbell who is a brilliant local musician on a mission to find the very best acoustic talent and giving them the chance to perform.

A PA system and mic are provided, you are welcome to bring your own instruments if needed. The night is always very popular with different people turning up every single week. Make sure that you turn up early to bag yourself a performance slot!

Many of the acts that perform at this open mic do end up jamming together afterwards. This is a great way to get to know other local musicians in your area and even create some unique music together.

Venue location:     The Isis – 26 Silksworth Row, Sunderland, SR1 3QJ
Phone number:   0191 514 7684
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday 8:30pm until late
Want to perform?   Let them know on the night


#6 The Harbour View: Speakeasy

The Harbour View Speakeasy Sunderland

The Harbour View is an incredibly popular Sunderland pub that attracts locals and tourists alike, making for a permanently lively atmosphere! The Speakeasy open mic night is hosted by popular local musicians George Shovelin & George Lamb. The pair are not only brilliant hosts but also encourage all musicians to perform, no matter what your ability.

A full PA system, amps and mics are all provided, just bring your own instrument if you should so need one! Every single week brings a different featured artist which really kicks the night off and gets the audience involved straight away.

This open mic night is always absolutely jam-packed full of people performing and watching so make sure that you turn up before it kicks off in order to reserve a slot. This is a fantastic way to get your musical talents out there and impress the locals.

Venue location:     The Harbour View – 1 Benidict Road, Sunderland, SR6 0NU
Phone number:   0191 567 1402
Open Mic Night:   Every Thursday 8pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night to sign up


#7 The Borough: Open Mic

The Borough: Open Mic Sundeland

The Borough is a lovely traditional Sunderland town centre pub that has been and will continue to be popular for many years. Neil Gibson hosts this monthly open mic night, he is an extremely talented local musician who loves to support other smaller local musicians.

A full PA system and house guitar are provided, you can double check beforehand if you require any other equipment. The open mic will always have a brilliant atmosphere, no matter what month it is, the customers are determined to keep live music alive no matter what!

If you like a community-centred audience who are passionate about music, then this is definitely the night for you to perform. As it only runs monthly, the night does get very popular so make sure that you turn up early to secure a slot!

Venue location:     The Borough – 1 Vine Pl, Sunderland SR1 3NE
Phone number:   0121 272 5499
Open Mic Night:   First Thursday of every month 8:30-11pm
Want to perform?   Let them know on the night


Ever considered hosting your own open mic night?


#8 The Sanddancer: Scott’s Buskers

#8 The Sanddancer Scott’s Buskers Sunderland

The Sanddancer is located on the beautiful seafront and serves up not only fantastic views but also brilliant live music events. Local musician Scott Keirs hosts this event and is always looking for new friendly faces to attend and perform at his weekly open mic event.

The Sanddancer offers weekly music events all of the time which means that they are very much prepared with a PA system, sound system, lighting and a house guitar for you to use. This really is a professional set up and the perfect place to perform live!

The night is a very popular, being known as one of the best open mics in the South Shields area. So, you might want to make sure that you get yourself down there with plenty of time to sign up. This is a very friendly night with a lively but supportive audience.

Venue location:     The Sanddancer – 2 Sea Rd, South Shields, NE33 2JH
Phone number:   0191 454 4861
Open Mic Night:   Every Sunday 8-10:30pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night to sign up


#9 Monkseaton Arms: Monkey Folk Club

Sunderland Monkseaton Arms: Monkey Folk Club

The Monkseaton Arms was originally a monastery which had a brewery run by the monks that lived there. Now, it has been transformed into a popular destination for great food, real ales and the best live music. The weekly Monkey Folk Club is run by musician Eddie Gorman and has been going for many years, proving very popular.

The Monkey Folk Club is a completely unplugged acoustic session so there’s no need for instruments or amps, just bring your lovely voice! The atmosphere is incredibly intimate thanks to the completely unplugged feel to the night, it is an experience you won’t forget.

This is an incredibly popular night and if you are looking for a slightly different open mic experience, this is the night for you.

Venue location:     Monkseaton Arms – Front St, Whitley Bay, NE25 8DP
Phone number:   0191 251 3928
Open Mic Night:   Every Sunday 8pm until late
Want to perform?   Let them know on the night


#10 The Pickle: Open Mic

The Pickle is a brilliant Sunderland city centre bar that is well known for its live music. Kenny Craig hosts this incredibly popular night that has only been running for one month now! All equipment is provided with a full digital PA, lighting, pro sound mixer and guitar, meaning that you really are kitted out for the performance of your life!

The night has a warm, welcoming relaxed atmosphere with performances taking place in the main bar area, meaning that the audience can really get involved with your music. Every performer receives a free pint and if that isn’t incentive enough, we don’t know what is!

Venue location:     The Pickle – 17 Vine Pl, Sunderland, SR1 3NA
Phone number:   0191 447 6530
Open Mic Night:   Fortnightly Thursdays 8-11pm
Want to perform?   Turn up early on the night!


Bonus Open Mic Nights in and around Sunderland

The Old Fox: Open Mic Night

The Old Fox: Open Mic Night South Sheilds

The Old Fox is a popular local pub that has a community vibe and a love for live music. Ian Ainsley, Jimi Davis and Addo Koranteng host this awesome weekly open mic night that offers something a little different.

A full-band set up is available which offers everything you could possibly need whether you are just solo artist or a part of a bigger band. The audience loves the weekly live music events and are all very supportive of the open mic acts, no matter what your ability!

Venue location:     The Old Fox -10-14 Carlisle St, Gateshead, NE10 0HQ
Phone number:   0191 447 1980
Open Mic Night:   Every Monday 8:30pm until late
Want to perform?   Get the on time to get involved


The Exchange: Open Mic Night

The Exchange is a brilliant cultural arts venue supporting all types of creativity. They host a weekly open mic night but is also home to many jam nights and other live music events. A passionate advocate for keeping live music alive, Alan McCulloch hosts this event. He always welcomes performers of all abilities and genres.

A professional sound technician and all of the equipment is provided, making it the perfect professional setting to practice your live performance. The crowd supports The Exchange because they love live music so it’s the perfect place to start your live music performance.

All performers get a complimentary free drink which will help to make you feel very welcomed into a great community venue.

Venue location:     The Exchange – Howard St, North Shields NE30 1SE
Phone number:   0191 258 4111
Open Mic Night:   Every Monday 7:30pm until late
Want to perform?   Turn up on the night to sign up


The Black Bull: Acoustic Sing-around

The Old Bull Open Mic Night

The Black Bull prides itself on being a proper community pub and it really shows! The atmosphere is always brilliant with loads of popular live music events that keep each and every night different.

The Black Bull’s weekly sing-around is hosted just by the local community which is really what makes it so special. Just grab your acoustic guitar, start playing a song and everyone will join in. It’s the perfect way to practice live performance if you lack a little bit of confidence. You will also meet and collaborate with some talented locals!

Venue location:     The Black Bull – Bridge St, Blaydon-on-Tyne, NE21 4JJ
Phone number:   0191 414 2846
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday 8pm until late
Want to perform?   Let them know on the night


Surfcafe: Open Mic Night

Surfcafe North Shields Open Mic Night

Surfcafe is a quirky coffee shop that brings awesome live music in the evenings. This weekly open mic night is run by JD O’Neill who is a friendly local musician that loves giving amateur musicians the centre stage.

The open mic night is always incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why. The performance area in the venue is amazing with a whole host of guitars and equipment to use and atmospheric lighting that just harbors creativity.

This is a brilliant venue with a buzzing atmosphere, perfect for a rememberable open mic night!

Venue location:     Surfcafe –  Palace Buildings, Grand Parade, Tynemouth, North Shields, NE30 4JH
Phone number:   0191 447 1503
Open Mic Night:   Weekly Wednesdays from 8pm
Want to perform?   Everyone is welcome


Tinker Smiths: Thursday Buskers

Tinker Smiths is a modern cocktail bar that is very popular with the younger generation, making it a great place to get your music out there. Mitch Laddie hosts this weekly event, a local musician with a huge personality that will always make you feel welcome!

A full PA system, mics, amps and instruments are all provided, giving you everything you need to take centre stage. This open mic night is always very popular and is a great place to get your music out there with a lively atmosphere.

Venue location:     Tinker Smiths – Stanhope St, South Shields, NE33 1HW
Phone number:   0191 455 9951
Open Mic Night:   Weekly Thursdays from 9pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night to sign up


The Turbinia: Open Mic Night

The Turbinia is a lovely local pub that hosts many weekly live music events from local bands to their brilliant open mic night. The night is just hosted by the pub which really does show how passionate and dedicated the owners are to live music.

A full PA system and house guitar are provided, giving you absolutely everything you need to sing your heart out and make an impression on the lively audience. Voted one of the best country pubs, The Turbinia certainly does deliver on atmosphere!

Venue location:     The Turbinia – Sid Chaplin Dr, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 7PA
Phone number:   01325 313034
Open Mic Night:   Weekly Fridays from 8pm
Want to perform?   Let them know on the night


Mr Tighe’s: Open Mic Night

Mr Tighe’s Open Mic Night

Mr Tighe’s is the proud home of craft ale and amazing live music. Popular local musician Pete Shaw hosts this weekly open mic and his big personality is infectious, you’ll never feel nervous performing live in front of a crowd ever again!

Mr Tighe’s regularly hosts live music events, meaning that all the equipment you could ever dream of to aid your live performance is provided. The usual performances consist of a few covers and many originals but really anything is welcome.

Venue location:     Mr Tighe’s – Front street, Bebside Rd, NE24 4HW
Phone number:   01325 313034
Open Mic Night:   Weekly Fridays from 8pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night to sign up


Now that you know all about the best open mic nights in Sunderland and beyond, you have no excuse but to get out there and go to them! Will you perform at any of these?

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