Surrey Open Mic Nights — The Top 10

Surrey is a stunning county with areas of outstanding natural beauty and brilliant attractions. However, it’s not all about the pretty countryside, Surrey also has an amazing music scene and great open mic and jam night on offer. Whether you are looking for gigs to attend or ways to perform live yourself, you will definitely find what you are searching for.

Best Open Mic Nights in Surrey

So, if you are on the search for open mic nights near you, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best places to attend an open mic night in Surrey, in no particular order.

#1 The Lion Brewery: Open Mic Nights

The Lion Brewery Surrey Open Mic Nights

The Lion Brewery is a welcoming traditional local pub that has not one but three different open mic nights, two of which are weekly. Unplugthewood host the weekly Tuesday acoustic jam session which has been running for 8 years. They host brilliant acoustic jams at many different locations. The first half of the evening sees everyone playing and singing the same song which is projected onto a screen. The second half of the evening is an open mic where you can perform your own acoustic songs or covers.

If you can’t make Tuesdays, then The Lion Brewery still has you sorted. Every Thursday is the electric jam session that has a different host every single week. This session is the longest running, being around for 25 years now. A full backline is provided and all you need to do is add your name to the list on the night to play.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, on the third Sunday of every month, the folk jam session takes place, hosted again by Unplugthewood. This afternoon jam is incredibly relaxed but gets very busy so make sure that you turn up on time.

Venue location: The Lion Brewery – 104 Guildford Rd, Ash, Surrey, GU12 6BT
Phone number: 01252 650486
Open Mic Night: Tuesday Acoustic Jam from 8pm. Thursday Electric Jam from 9pm. Folk Jam third Sunday of the month 2-5pm.
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on any of the days to perform

#2 The Britannia: GT Live Sessions

The Britannia is a pub that is full of character and brilliant live music, set right on the stunning riverside. Gavin Thomas hosts this weekly event that shows off the very best of the local musical talent.

This is not an open mic night as all of the acts are pre-booked. However, the purpose of the night is to showcase talented local musicians so if you apply, it’ll be a brilliant stepping stone for future success and networking.

This is a great event to attend and watch if you are a beginner. However, if you have experience performing live, it’s worth trying to get yourself a slot and show Surrey what you’ve got!

Venue location: The Britannia – 9 Millmead, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4BE
Phone number: 01483 572160
Open Mic Night: Every Wednesday (except the first of the month) from 8:30pm.
Want to perform? Message GT Live Sessions to see if you can get on the waiting list.

#3 Wraysbury Village Club: Wednesday Open Mic Night

Wraysbury Village Club: Wednesday Open Mic Night

This friendly and supportive weekly open mic night is hosted by the talented Sumantha McMahon. This open mic not only supports all abilities and genres but helps you to improve as a musician too.

You are encouraged to perform whatever music you would like but backing tracks are not encouraged. If you are unable to play the backing music to a song, you are encouraged to talk to the other musicians to provide the music. This is a brilliant way to practice performing with live instruments and is perfect for meeting other local musicians.

This open mic gets very popular so make sure that you join the Facebook group beforehand and get down there early to sign up.

Venue location: Wraysbury Village Club Jam – 39 The Green, Wraysbury, Staines, Surrey, TW19 5NA
Phone number: 01784 482155
Open Mic Night: Every Wednesday 8:30-11pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to sign up

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#4 Henry’s Kitchen: Open Mic Night

Henry’s Kitchen Surrey Open Mic Night

This weekly open mic night is incredibly popular and it’s very easy to see why. The professional set-up and supportive crowd are a musician’s dream. Performers also get 20% off food on the night so it’s hard to say no…

A great community has been built up surrounding the brilliant open mic night, you can get involved in the discussion by joining the dedicated Facebook group. Friendly and talented musician Michelle Luscombe hosts this event, she is incredibly dedicated and always puts on a memorable evening.

A full PA and equipment are provided, you are welcome to bring along your own instruments and singing voice, of course. This night is one of the busiest open mics so make sure that you pre-book in advance on the group to avoid disappointment.

Venue location: Henry’s Kitchen – 9 Bridge Road, East Molesey, Molesey, KT8 9EU
Phone number: 020 8783 1020
Open Mic Night: Every Thursday 7:30-10:30pm
Want to perform? Join the Facebook group and let Michelle know in advance

#5 Fiery Bird: Open Mic Night

The Fiery Bird is a popular live music venue which is run by a non-profit organisation Phoenix Cultural Centre CIC, the venue hosts a huge variety of events, including the popular weekly open mic night. The venue itself hosts the event, putting their everything into making it a night to remember.

A full backline is provided along with a cajon, piano and spare guitars. If you would prefer to play your own instruments, you are also welcome to do so. The night kicks off with a jam session that everyone can get involved in as a warm up. Then, it transforms into an open mic where each musician can perform three songs, covers or originals.

The welcoming night attracts people from all genres and abilities, whether they are beginners trying out their first live performance or experienced musicians looking to network. The night really is completely open mic, you can book a slot in advance but also are encouraged to spontaneously get up and perform on the night.

This is a wonderfully friendly and supportive venue who are keeping live music strong in the local community whilst giving local musicians that boost they need to kickstart their career. The venue can offer acoustic original song performers feature slots at future shows and even put you in touch with local radio stations.

Venue location: Fiery Bird –  Church St E, Woking, Surry, GU21 6HJ
Phone number: 07763 833807
Open Mic Night: Every Monday from 8pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up on the night to perform

#6 Caffe Gusto: Open Mic Night

Caffe Gusto is a small local company that offers delicious fresh food and amazing specialty coffee. Live music takes place mainly at the weekends, including the popular open mic on a Friday night.

A PA and mic are provided, just bring along your own instrument to put on a show to remember. This open mic is on a Friday night and gets very lively but the crowd are still supportive and respectful of all of the musicians.

You truly do never know what you are going to get at this open mic, from rap to rock, there’s something different every single week. The quirky café venue inspires creativity and it’s many musician’s favourite place to perform.

Venue location: Caffe Gusto – T6A, Mustard Mill Rd, Staines, Surrey, TW18 4WA
Phone number: 01784 455388
Open Mic Night: Every Friday from 7pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up on the night to perform

#7 Crouch Oak: Open Mic Night

Crouch Oak: Open Mic Night

Image credit: J Law Photographs

The Crouch Oak serves as a popular local pub, hotel and restaurant with a healthy dose of live music events too. Luke Edney hosts the weekly open mic night, a very talented local musician who is keen to keep live music alive with local talent.

A PA system is provided and you are welcome to bring along your own instruments, although other musicians are usually happy to lend you what you need. You can perform with a backing track but accepting backing from other musicians is also often encouraged.

Expect some fantastic local talent at this open mic as many musicians from all over come to sing their heart out. The crowd is incredibly friendly and supportive whilst the cosy, intimate sofa set up will help to make you feel relaxed.

Venue location: Crouch Oak – 138 Station Rd, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2BE
Phone number: 01932 842562
Open Mic Night: Every Wednesday from 8pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up on the night to perform or book a longer 5-song slot in advance on the exclusive Facebook page.

#8 The Queens Head: Open Mic/Jam Night

The Queens Head Surrey Open Mic/Jam Night

The Queens Head is a fun, quirky and cosy town centre pub which has great food and drinks with brilliant live events. Local musicians Pete and Jack host this fortnightly open mic night, they have been running it for 5 years now.

Wireless mixing desks, PA system, drums, backline and mics are all provided. You can bring along your own instruments or have the house band to support your performance. The night very works as an open mic and jam mix. You have the option to perform solo as an open mic or more of a relaxed jam with the band. This makes the night perfect for musicians just starting out to develop their stage presence and perform with the support of a band.

The goal of this open mic is to encourage musicians to feel relaxed when performing, they understand that it can be daunting performing live for beginners and they plan to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Absolutely all genres are welcomed, they promise that you will fit in no matter what! The audience also contributes to the friendly vibe and will often get up and dance to whatever the musicians are performing. One of the friendliest open mics around, it’s perfect for beginners and more experienced musicians.

Venue location: The Queens Head – 9 The Borough, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7NA
Phone number: 01252 726524
Open Mic Night: Fortnightly Thursdays from 8:30pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to book a slot.

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#9 The Yard: The Saturday Squeeze Open Mic Night

The Yard Surrey The Saturday Squeeze Open Mic Night

The Yard is a small venue that is open to a wide variety of events, including brilliant music ones. The monthly event is co-hosted by the very talented Collette Barber and Sue Fenton, two extremely welcoming local musicians.

A full PA system is provided and you are encouraged to bring along your own instrument to support your performance. The environment is incredibly supportive and newcomers are welcomed, no matter what our genre or ability.

This night gets very busy but if you book in advance you can secure yourself a 20-minute feature slot. This is a quirky open mic that opens up into a jam towards the end of the night. It’s one that you won’t forget!

Venue location: The Yard – 3a Holmesdale Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0BB
Phone number: 01737 339063
Open Mic Night: Second Saturday of every month 5-9pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to book a slot.

#10 The Faraday: Open Mic Night

The Faraday Surrey Open Mic Night

The Faraday is a welcoming and informal bar in a student area, so it attracts a younger lively crowd but it’s a great place to just relax. The monthly open mic is hosted by Guitar Guitar Epsom, an amazing music store that stocks almost everything you could dream of as a musician! The shop is The Faraday’s neighbours and they have become good friends.

The music shop provides a PA, amps and mics but musicians bring along their own guitars, all you need to do is plug in and play. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed with an audience who just wants to relax and listen to great music.

Venue location: The Faraday – 2 Church St, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4NY
Phone number: 01372 817750
Open Mic Night: Second Tuesday of the month from 7pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to book a slot.

Bonus Open Mic Nights in Surrey

The Plough: Open Mic and Jam Night

The Plough Farnham Open Mic and Jam Night

The Plough is a warm and friendly pub that serves up delicious hearty food and amazing drinks. The monthly open mic night is hosted by talented musician Vic Cracknell, she is very friendly and will always welcome new acts.

The audience are incredibly friendly and cheer on all musicians, no matter what your genre or ability. The night does get busy but you can sign up on the night as long as you get there early.

The Plough also has a weekly jam night for local musicians to get together and perform their favourite songs. The night is incredibly welcoming and relaxed for all music lovers. You can show off your talents whilst jamming with other talented local musicians.

Drums and sound equipment are provided but you will need to bring along your own instruments.

Venue location: The Plough – 74 West St, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7EH
Phone number: 01252 492521
Open Mic Night: Open mic last Wednesday of the month from 8:30pm. Jam night every Wednesday from 8:30pm.
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to sign up.

The Station Pub: Open Mic Night

The Station Pub Open Mic Night

The Station Pub is a family friendly pub offering Thai cuisine and British classics along with a great array of drinks. The monthly open mic night is hosted by Simon Bull, an extremely talented local musician who always brings an amazing atmosphere to the night.

A full PA and mics are provided, just bring along your instruments to plug in and play. This is an open mic that focusses hugely on the fun side of things and likes to keep it light-hearted. That’s not to say that there isn’t an abundance of talent at this open mic, they just don’t like to take themselves too seriously.

Venue location: The Station Pub – South Nutfield, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 5RX
Phone number: 01737 823223
Open Mic Night: Last Thursday of the month from 8pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to sign up. Stay up to date on the dedicated Facebook page.

The White Hart: Open Mic Night

The White Hart prides itself as the ‘hart’ of the community thanks to the warm welcome that the friendly pub offers to all of its customers. The monthly open mic night is hosted by the 2 Pauls, a duo that host open mics and are, you guessed it, both called Paul.

A PA system and mics are provided, just bring along your own instruments or just your lovely voice. This open mic is the perfect place for musicians to show off their talents and also mingle with other local singers. Oftentimes, musicians might end up meeting again to jam together.

Half of the spaces for this open mic are pre-booked but half are available on the night if you are able to get down there early to secure your slot.

Venue location: The White Hart – 19 Bourne Road, Farncombe Surrey, GU7 3NH
Phone number: 01483 421430
Open Mic Night: Third Thursday of the month 8:30-11:15pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to sign up or book in advance with the 2 Pauls.

Pyrford Social Club: Fat Spanner Open Mic Night

Pyrford Social Club is a cosy venue with a bar that runs many popular events throughout the year. Talented local musician Mark Hanington hosts the monthly open mic night and he always makes sure that absolutely everyone feels welcome.

A house band can provide your backing track or you are welcome to perform solo. The house band also has an entire brass section so no matter what your genre, you are covered. You can treat this night as a jam session with the band or as a solo open mic, the choice is yours.

Venue location: Pyrford Social Club – Coldharbour Rd, Pyrford, Surrey, GU22 8SP
Phone number: 01932 345122
Open Mic Night: Last Thursday of the month from 8:30pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to sign up.

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The Saddlers Arms: Open Mic Night

The Saddlers Arms is a friendly family-run business that has a warm atmosphere and is known for its live music events. The landlord Clive hosts this twice-monthly open mic night, he has a passion for live music and wants to keep local music alive.

The open mic welcomes all genres and abilities, you are free to perform your own original songs or covers. This is a lively night full of quirky characters, it’s great for networking and meeting other local musicians. Whether you are a beginner or experienced musician, this night is perfect for you.

Venue location: The Saddlers Arms – Send Marsh Rd, Woking, Surrey, GU23 6JQ
Phone number: 01483 224209
Open Mic Night: First and third Monday of the month from 8pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night to sign up.

Now you know the very best open mic nights in Surrey, it’s your turn! Will you be performing at any of these nights?

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