The Audition

How to impress at the audition

The Audition: Firstly, if you’ve entered for the audition, you must be prepared for anything that may happen. Know your song inside out; don’t ever read the lyrics off a piece of paper as that shows you have not practised and are not ready for the audition. You should practise so much that you can’t get it wrong.

The Audition – How to Prepare

Check your gear 

If using a backing track on a CD make sure it works correctly on a number of formats and also take a backup on a different format like a memory stick to the audition. Avoid having a backup on your phone as it will have to rely on the connection. Double check the track is the right song, and ideally the only song to minimise the risk of errors.

If you’re playing an instrument, have it tuned already and have spare parts with you; such as fully charged batteries, spare strings and a strap, all of which you will need at some point for the audition if they decide to break or stop functioning. Also a tuner is handy even if you normally tune by ear, just to double check the tuning.

Look the part 

You have to impress both visually and vocally, so having the right outfit can affect the audition. Your outfit needs to reflect who you are as a person and what you’re singing; so select outfits that stand out, you feel comfortable in, reflect your personality and the music you are performing. Many acts have carved a reputation for what they wear over and above their music at times.

At the audition

Be original 

If you’re auditioning for a record or management deal they are most likely to want to find something new that they don’t already have, so make sure the audition is original and memorable. If you’ve got an original song, then play it: it shows courage.

Try to relax

Easier said than done but if you’ve built the confidence you must learn to live with the nerves and don’t let them control you. Always remember those judging you will the audition to go well! So you’ve obviously potentially got something they want. Keep composed and take a few breaths so you don’t rush the song.


It’s not just about singing, you’ve got to be able to take that song and make it a performance. You have to own the stage at the audition, make the audience believe it’s yours. The most successful artists can make the whole crowd believe in their performance.

The Audition – Our Tips


Understand what you’re singing, know what the message is behind the song and let us know through your performance. Eye contact is a strong way to communicate with your audience during the audition and make sure the expression shows through.


Auditions are a great way to receive feedback and it is likely to take many auditions before you start to have success. So try where possible to get feedback from the audition: it might be the constructive criticism you need to make that next step. Make sure you look at your feedback, as you might not be aware of the one thing holding you back.

Enjoy yourself 

Music is a beautiful thing and as singers you all have a common passion for music. Make sure your audience know how much you’re enjoying the audition and that this is all you want to do.


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