The Importance of a Guitar Practice Schedule

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Guitar practice schedule to help you improve before you hit the stage

The Importance of a Guitar Practice Schedule: Guitar practice schedule makes perfect. Isn’t that what your Mum and Dad tell you? Well, we’re sorry to side with them but it really does go a long way into helping you improve your guitar skills. A guitar practice schedule is helpful for when you’re singing and playing on stage.

Guitar Practice Schedule – More Advice

HOT TIP! Drinking water needs to be an essential part of a guitar practice schedule. Water helps the brain function and keeps your muscles from cramping up so when you’re practicing hard, hydrating yourself is essential when playing or singing during your guitar practise routine.

Use a Metronome

A guitar practice schedule seems rather boring when you’re playing scales and riffs to a metronome but this is one of the most invaluable tools a guitar player can own. Start by playing at a slow tempo, 90 bpm for example, and gradually increase the speed.

This will help you become a lot more accurate with your picking hand and can help you memorise shapes with your fretting hand. It is also essential when it comes to going into the recording studio which often guitarist struggle having become so used to free styling live.

HOT TIP! When using a metronome, try playing your chosen guitar scale or riff in double time or half time in order to challenge yourself.

Learn the Basics

A lot of guitar players can play Phrygian sweep picking patterns or add 13 chords to their songs however if you ask them to play a C Major chord in three locations on the fretboard they can’t.

It’s imperative to have a guitar practice schedule to master the basics first before progressing. It’ll stand you in good stead. A good starting point is to learn the following:

  • Major Chords in Open and Barred Position
  • Minor Chords in Open and Barred Position
  • Major Scale
  • Minor Scale
  • Major Pentatonic Scale
  • Minor Pentatonic Scale

Guitar Practice Schedule – Theory

HOT TIP! Buy guitar practice books and DVD’s from different authors. Also these days search on the internet and sites such as YouTube have a wealth of content.  Everyone can teach you something different.

Learn the Theory

A guitar practice schedule should be about practicing the guitar and not about reading page after page of theory, however, if you can play chords and scales but don’t know how they’re formed you may encounter a hiccup in the future.

A good way to stay consistent is for every new thing you learn to play, dissect it afterwards and figure out how it works.

HOT TIP! Every guitar player has got bad habits including the professionals but try not to change them all in the space of a day. This is when a guitar practice schedule becomes more important.

It takes a long time to change a habit so start small and pick one a month to change.

Play, Play, Play

Easily, the most fun and helpful way of practicing guitar is to play along to your favourite songs or play with other musicians. Just by watching someone else, you can pick up new ideas to introduce to your guitar practice schedule with.

Ed Sheeran definitely didn’t get that good by playing on his own locked in his bedroom all these years.

HOT TIP! Getting into a good guitar practice schedule can help your guitar skills develop a lot over a short period of time.