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How to Apply For The Voice UK Auditions

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The Voice UK is a British television talent show on ITV. There are two stages to The Voice UK auditions: the producers’ auditions and the blind auditions. There is also now the Voice Kids auditions which are also set to re-appear in 2021 (you can see how to audition for The Voice Kids lower down the page).

Before you think about auditioning for the Voice, you need to get prepared. The first step is choosing a song that makes you stand out and impress the judges.

The coaches for The Voice UK 2019 were Olly Murs, Will.I.Am, Sir Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson. The overall winning act will receive a record deal with Polydor Records. Find out more about the stages of the competition and how to apply for The Voice UK below.

How to apply for The Voice and Voice Kids UK in 2021

Talent scouts across the UK search for singers to attend The Voice UK’s auditions. However, you can apply for The Voice, you don’t need to wait to be invited.

If you’re confident that you’ve got a genuinely great singing voice, you can apply for The Voice auditions on the ITV website: Apply for The Voice UK Auditions: Just fill out The Voice Application form (note: you can only apply for The Voice UK when they are taking applications, so keep checking this page for updates).

How The Voice UK auditions work

What do you need to do before entering the Voice UK?

Before you attend The Voice UK auditions 2021, you need to prepare “1 or 2 songs with a backing track or with a musical instrument“. Backing tracks will need to be on an electronic device.

What are the producers’ auditions?

The Voice UK ’s first audition stage is the producers’ auditions, which are not shown on television. Talent scouts across the UK search for singers to attend The Voice UK’s producers’ auditions, however, you are able to apply for The Voice auditions too. Solo artists and duos can participate, however, you must be aged sixteen or over to apply for The Voice UK.

Next is the blind auditions.

What are the blind auditions?

If you are successful in the producers’ auditions you will go onto the blind auditions. During The Voice UK’s blind auditions the celebrity coaches sit in their chairs facing away from the stage, so they can’t see the artist during the performance.

If a coach is impressed by what they hear and wants you in their team, they hit their red button, at which point their chair rotates and they can finally see you.

However, if more than one coach turns their chair, the contestant takes all of the power and can choose which coach they want to work with. If chosen by one of the coaches, the contestant will then go on to The Voice UK’s Battles.

How old do you have to be to go on The Voice UK?

Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to go on The Voice UK. If you are old enough to enter The Voice, but you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by an adult. Some venues for The Voice open auditions may require singers to be over the age of 18, so check first with the venue before turning up.

What does the winner of The Voice UK get?

The winner of The Voice UK will get a recording contract with Polydor Records. There is no cash prize, but, straight after the show, the winner of the Voice UK will also release their debut single as part of the prize.

How to apply for The Voice Kids 2021

ITV are currently looking for talented children to apply for The Voice Kids 2021. The TV network has said that the 2021 show will include not just solo singers, but also kid duos.

If you think you or your child has what it takes to be a successful singer, you can find out how to apply for The Voice Kids on the official ITV website.

If you’re unsuccessful in applying for the 2021 version of The Voice Kids, you could try your luck in the Open Mic singing competition – or perhaps even do both! You can find out more about where our auditions are including the age restrictions on our children’s singing competition page.

The Voice Kids finale 2019

Sam Wilkinson was crowned the 2019 winner in the Voice Kids finale. Danny Jones from McFly was his coach, making it the first victory for him in the show. The other finalists included Lil Shan Shan from Team Will, Keira Laver from Team Jessie and Gracie-Jayne Fitzgerald from Team Pixie.

TeenStar finalists

If you’re too young to audition for Open Mic UK or feel you need a stepping stone before going on the Voice UK or Voice Kids, check out TeenStar.

Gracie Jayne, who made it to the final and semi-finalist Liam Price both competed in TeenStar before going on the Voice Kids. Competitions like TeenStar and Open Mic UK give contestants and great experience performing in a competition on a smaller scale.

This can be the perfect step before jumping onto a competition like The Voice or X-Factor.