Tips for Music Duos and Groups

Many singers chose to sing and perform with other people rather than going solo. The problem many duos and groups face is that they all have something individually, but often struggle to make it work together in a group.

Being a part of music duos and groups is a balancing act. The issue many duos and groups face is that they all have something individually, but often struggle to make it work together singing in a group.

The most successful groups play on the strengths of each individual and try to highlight those whilst performing. To learn how to be successful as a singing duo or a group and make the most of your individual talents, read on.

Tips for singing duos and groups

How to find success as part of a group of duo

It’s important to remember that a duo or a group is only as good as their worst performer. It might seem an easier way of performing as there are more people in the group to share the roles, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

In relation to a current pop act Little Mix are a fine example of this, individually they may not have made it, but combining their strengths in a group has allowed them to be a hugely successful act both in the UK and USA!

You don’t all have to sound the same

Many duos and groups struggle because they fail to layer up their harmonies and instead make all the harmonies the same. Without layering the vocals you risk sounding like a solo act.

When performing it’s important that the vocals layer up well within a duo and group to show off how diverse the act can be and what they’re capable of.


In relation to the above point on harmonies, even more important is to ensure as a duo or group you work the dynamics individually to work collectively.

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Examples of Famous Groups & Duos

The Beatles

Simon and Garfunkel

Daft Punk


The Who


The Rolling Stones

One Direction

Maroon 5




Little Mix

Destiny’s Child


Tips for Music Duos and Groups

Group singing tips


Interact with each other and engage

Audience Engagement

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