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Twitter tips – the importance of using Twitter

Twitter Tips: The rules on social media on the whole pretty much transcend across all platforms. So applying these rules discussed on Facebook to Twitter can be a big asset to you in building an effective fan base. However there are a few Twitter tips that can help you as an artist.

Open Mic UK’s Twitter tips

Have an objective 

Always remember why you’ve got Twitter and how it can help you. Ideally as you are a musician you want to tweet about music but this isn’t always possible. Keeping music as your focus will attract other like-minded Tweeters. The main key is to always make sure it is engaging and interesting, one of our top Twitter tips!

Have a clear bio 

Twitter tips for singers include a clear bio on their profile. It’s probably going to be the thing that makes a follower decide to click on your account. Use fully that 160 character space to promote yourself and if applicable always have your website as your main link making it your hub of your social media strategy.

Make sure your thumbnail picture is up to date, current and consistent with all your other social media and marketing i.e. all the same.

Twitter tips for singers

Interact with followers 

Following Twitter tips such as interaction is important. Don’t just talk about yourself; reply to messages or tweets, and make them personal!

Everyone gets a little buzz out of being retweeted or replied to by someone on Twitter. People give up interacting with accounts that don’t engage, so why not be the person that creates that buzz?

Use hash tags (#) 

For singers, it’s useful to follow Twitter tips such as using hash tags. Hashtags are used to make the searching function easier, so using them in your tweets brings your account to more people’s attention. So if you’re going to see a band on their tour, why not tweet ‘who else is seeing #ABand tonight?’

Important Twitter tips

Don’t post all the time 

One of Open Mic UK’s best Twitter tips is not to spam! There is nothing more annoying than someone constantly spamming your feed with his or her incessant tweets. Don’t post the same thing constantly; you’ll end up losing followers.

Self-promotion is encouraged but not when it’s the only thing you post. A good way of keeping interest in your account is to tweet regularly but mix it up. So post what you’re doing today, something that made you laugh or just a picture you find amusing. Variety is the spice of life after all and monitor what sort of posts get more traffic.

Spread the word offline as well as online 

You should remember that you would gain a bigger fan base by talking about what you do to people around you. Just because you’re not logged in, doesn’t mean you can’t gain a few more followers. Put your username on your flyers, make sure people know you’re on Twitter and they can find out more about you there.