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Using YouTube as a Singer

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Tips on how YouTube can help you as a singer

Using YouTube a singer. YouTube is the most popular video platform for singers. Using YouTube to upload videos of your talent makes sense as a singer; it’s free to use and can visually show what you can do.

Don’t think your videos are going to be seen by millions, as it always takes a lot of time and hard work to build up views, so you have a little (well a lot of) work to do before that happens. However start to get it right and your performance can be shared across a wide audience and in some cases get you signed.

Be creative

You’re unlikely to make it as a singer if you sound like every other singer; you have to have something unique about your voice that makes people want to hear more. So if you’re going to upload a cover, make sure you’ve made it your own.

Try not to imitate other singers voices; you have your own voice so make sure people know about it. As always make it engaging and interesting, something to stand out otherwise people will just move on.

Custom URL

If you have enough subscribers, you might be eligible for a custom YouTube URL. If you change your URL, it can give you a more professional appearance and help you brand yourself.


Promoting your video is essential and as always building up a fan base is critical if you want to be scouted on YouTube. There are few people in the industry that are going to find you if other YouTubers can’t. By building up your subscribers you’ll have a basis of viewers as each video you’ll upload will show up on their account.

Upload quality videos

Take time to get it right it’s great if you can invest in a camera with the ability to record a good quality video, however just getting the lighting, background and settings all spot on is far more important.

Don’t upload anything to YouTube unless you’re 100% finished with it and you’d be happy for people to see that video in a few years time. Uploading unfinished videos is unprofessional, makes fans lose interest and you’re not giving them everything you’re capable of. People will judge your worst performances so best for quality rather than quantity.

Tagging your video

One of the reasons some acts are discovered on YouTube is because they’re tagging the words people are searching to their advantage. For example if you’re uploading a cover, you’re going to need to use a number of tags such as cover, music, artist’s name, your name.

The idea is to tag what people are going to have to search to find you. Making these terms as relevant as possible makes people finding you a lot easier.