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How to Verify Your Apple Music as a Singer and Musician 

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Apple Music overtook SoundCloud and Spotify to be the biggest streaming platform of 2019. As a singer and musician, keeping up with trends and posting your music on the most popular platforms is important. Becoming a verified artist will boost your reputation as a noteworthy act. 

Verifying your Apple Music page couldn’t be simpler. To do so, you just need to verify that your artist profile belongs to you. This will then grant you access to Apple Music for Artists, and a wide array of data and engagement benefits. 

This article provides a simple walk-through guide to verifying your Apple Music page by claiming your artist profile.  

How do you verify Apple Music?

Verifying your apple music account 

To verify your account, you need to request access to Apple Music for Artists. Either you or your manager can do this, and it requires you to claim your page and verify your identity.  

To verify your Apple Music on the web: 

  1. Step 1

    Go to Apple Music for Artists and click “Sign Up.” Sign in with your Apple ID when prompted (if you don’t have an Apple ID, you can make one by going to Apple’s ID page.) 

  2. Step 2

    Once you’re signed in, click “Request Artist Access.” You can search for your artist name in the search field or copy and paste your iTunes Store artist page link to find your page.  

  3. Step 3

    Next, select one of your albums that come up to verify that you’re claiming the right page. Choose your role/relation to the artist you have selected from the options given.  

  4. Step 4

    Now all you have to do is fill out the remaining requested information fields. To get verification faster, you can sign into your other social media, distributor, and Shazam for Artists accounts. Providing more information will help legitimise your claim quicker.  

Apple Music for artists app 

The verification process is almost identical whether you’re using the web or the iOS app. You still need to claim your artist page to access Apple Music for Artists on the app.  

To do this, you’ll need to sign into the Apple Music for Artists app on your iPhone using your Apple ID.  Once you’re signed in, you should easily find the option to “Request Artist Access.” Press on this, and from here you can follow the exact same steps as you would on a web browser. 


Apple music for artists pending

Once you submit your request to access Apple Music for Artists, your application will be reviewed. You will see the status “pending” in Apple Music for Artists.  

The process can take anything from a few days to as long as a few weeks. It depends on how much information you provide to Apple for them to be able to confirm your identity as the artist. The more links you provide to your other artist accounts during the sign-up process, the quicker your application will be.  

If Apple can’t confirm your identity is that of the artist page you are claiming, they will email you asking for more information to approve your claim. 

How to put songs on Apple Music  

You can still get your tracks on Apple Music even if you’re an unsigned artist. While you don’t need the backing of a label to release your songs through Apple, you will need a music distributor or music aggregator to help you.  

You can easily contact and use independent music distributors online. The purpose of a music distributor is to act as a go-between for you and streaming platforms like Apple Music. 

You’ll need to ensure your music is release-ready, and then upload it to your chosen music distributor. For a small fee, they’ll then ensure your tracks are distributed across streaming platforms. 


Apple music analytics 

One huge benefit of verifying your profile is gaining access to Apple Music Analytics. This feature allows you to see all the data about your music’s performance and learn the best way to engage your fans.  

Claiming your artist page on Apple Music for Artists enables you to: 

  • Track your all-time best achievements on your profile 
  • Monitor trends 
  • See how many people are listening to your music 
  • Find out how often your songs are getting Shazamed  
  • View a global breakdown of your listeners 

Apple Music streaming numbers  

Verifying your accounts is a sure-fire way to boost your streaming numbers. Apple Music may not give singers and musicians verification checkmarks for verifying their account, but gaining access to analytical data and being able to choose your own artist artwork will be just as effective at driving more fans to your page.