How to Verify Your Spotify Page as a Singer and Musician 

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming platforms out there right now. For aspiring singers, getting a verified artist page on Spotify is a milestone in their music career. Luckily, the Spotify verification process couldn’t be simpler. 

To verify your Spotify page as a musician, you have to request access to Spotify for Artists. This is really simple, but you need to have your music posted on Spotify to qualify for an artist profile. This is still possible even if you’re an unsigned artist. 

If you’re just starting out in your music career, posting your songs on Spotify and becoming a verified artist might seem a million miles away. But it doesn’t have to be. This article explains how you can easily get your content on Spotify and get stamped with a verification checkmark.

What does it mean to be verified on Spotify? 

Being a verified artist on Spotify means more than a blue tick on your profile. It’s an official stamp of legitimacy and credibility as a musician. Spotify gives verified artists lots of other perks alongside the verification badge. You’ll be able to: 

  1. Pin albums, songs or playlists to the top of your profile 
  2. Access and analyse your artist data 
  3. Share your tour dates 
  4. Appear higher in Spotify search results 

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How do you verify yourself on Spotify? 

In 2017, Spotify announced they were making their verification process simpler for artists. This is great news for the musicians out there, as you no longer need to fill out any forms to become a verified artist on Spotify.  

All you need to do is claim your existing Spotify profile as an artist’s profile. Once approved, you will gain access to Spotify for Artists and receive automatic verification.  

Simply request your access to Spotify for Artists and you’ll be a verified Spotify musician in no time! 

How to become a Spotify artist  

how do i create an artist page on spotify

Spotify for Artists makes it easier for musicians to keep all their content in one place. By requesting an artist profile, you’ll gain access to Spotify for Artists and receive lots of singer-friendly perks such as integrated playlisting and of course, an automatic verification check on your page.  

To become a Spotify artist, you need to meet one condition: to have your music on Spotify. To get your music on the streaming platform, you’ll need to work with a distributor or with a record label. These will most likely charge a fee or commission.  

The mention of producers and distributors can be quite daunting for an unsigned artist. But it doesn’t have to be, as Spotify is there to aid singers who are just starting out.  

Spotify work alongside the music production marketplace Soundbetter to help new musicians get their music onto the streaming platform and into Spotify for Artists. 

How many followers do you need to get verified on Spotify? 

Since Spotify changed its verification process, you no longer need 250 followers to get verified. You don’t have to meet any following thresholds to get your blue authenticity tick; just have your Spotify for Artists profile set up and you’re ready to go.  

How long does it take Spotify to verify artists?  

All requests for Spotify for Artists are reviewed by hand, so it might take a few days for your request to be approved.  

According to music distributors CD Baby, it can take around 2 weeks for your profile to be fully set up and for you to receive verification. 

You might have to wait longer to be verified if you’ve only just started posting music to Spotify. This is because when you release your music to your chosen independent distributor it can take a few weeks for them to process your tracks and distribute them to streaming platforms. 

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Spotify artist data 

Registering for Spotify for Artists allows you to access a whole host of data about your music. You’ll be able to: 

  • Track which of your songs are performing the best 
  • See how your fans are listening to your music 
  • Track where people are listening to your music 
  • Plan the best area to do your next gigs based on your location stats 

Spotify verified user 

Every artist feels like they’ve made it when they get their blue verification tick on Spotify. The verification process couldn’t be simpler, as long as you already have music posted on the streaming platform.  

Spotify is one of the biggest streaming platforms available and is one of the most advantageous when you become verified.  

How do artists get verified?

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