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How to Verify Your Twitter Account as a Singer and Musician

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If you’re looking to become a verified artist, Twitter is a great place to start. It’s one of the simplest social media platforms to get your account verified on.  

Verifying your Twitter account as a singer is as simple as filling out a verification form. Make sure your account is optimised with content that proves you’re a genuine and active artist first. Your bio, photos, and tweets all count towards your verification.  

Being verified on Twitter paves the way to getting verified on other platforms. You can use your Twitter verification to support your application on other social media platforms. But you’ll still need a really strong Twitter profile to boost your chances of getting the blue tick.  

How to get verified on Twitter  

It’s now easier than ever to become a verified user on Twitter. Anyone can apply for the infamous blue verification tip in a few simple steps. 

  1. Step 1

    Before you submit your application, make sure you’ve filled out the sections on your Twitter profile. Make sure your profile picture, cover photo and bio accurately represent you as an artist. Add your website and your birthday to your profile for added authenticity. 

  2. Step 2

    In your “Settings” menu, confirm both your phone number and email address so Twitter knows you’re a legitimate user. 

  3. Step 3

    Make your tweets public by going to the “Settings and Privacy” settings on your Twitter account and unticking the “Tweet Privacy” box.  

  4. Step 4

    You’re now ready to submit a Twitter verification form. You’ll be asked to provide your Twitter username, links to at least 2 websites to verify your identity as an artist, and 500-character testament explaining why you’re eligible to be Twitter verified.  

How do artists get verified?  

Twitter might be one of the most straightforward platforms to get verified on, but it doesn’t hurt to make all your social media accounts as strong as possible so you can ace the verification process.  

To secure your verification badge on Twitter, try these tips: 

  • Post regularly and engage with your followers 
  • Use photos from your performances and gigs as your profile picture and cover photo 
  • Link your Twitter account to your website 
  • Provide more than two links on your verification form to prove your credibility as an artist 

Benefits of verified Twitter account  

There’s more to being Twitter verified than getting a blue tick. Having a verified account as a singer or musician comes with lots of exclusive benefits.  

  • You can access Twitter analytics for your account 
  • Verification helps protect you from identity theft 
  • Being Twitter verified can support your verification applications on other platforms 
  • A blue tick makes you stand out to Twitter influencers 
  • Verification increases your followers 
  • You get automatic verification on Periscope too 

How do you get Twitter verified without being famous? 

You don’t have to be famous to get Twitter verified. You just need to be a person of public interest and be able to prove this.  

Twitter users who qualify for a blue verification tick can be involved in fields like music, fashion, and sports. They don’t have to have a huge following or celebrity status but need to pass Twitter’s checks.  

Twitter will check that you’re an active and authentic artist and that there is evidence of this on other websites. Having your own website, a portfolio of photos from your gigs and your album artwork and having links to reviews of your shows and music will further your chances of getting verified. 

How to get verified on Twitter in 2020 

Twitter has faced backlash in the past regarding its verification policy. The social media platform has been criticised for its lack of transparency with its rules and its lack of an official verification policy. 

This led to Twitter putting their verification programme on hold in 2017. Despite this, Twitter has reportedly still been verifying thousands of accounts. You don’t necessarily have to abandon your hopes of getting Twitter verified in 2020, as Twitter users are still finding ways to get their official blue tick.  

One method to try and get your Twitter account verified is by proving your profile belongs to a genuine artist. You can do this by issuing a complaint under the impersonation clause. Check out this video for a full breakdown of how to do this.  

Twitter Verification  

Having a blue tick on Twitter will bring authority and credibility to your profile. Twitter verification is a great springboard to becoming a verified artist on Periscope, Facebook and Youtube.