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How to Verify Your YouTube Channel as a Singer and Musician

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Dozens of major singers started out on YouTube. Having a YouTube channel as a singer or musician is an invaluable resource to forge a name for yourself in the industry and your YouTube account will be even more valuable if you verify it oficially.

Verifying your YouTube channel as an Official Artist Channel will give you exclusive perks. Being a verified artist is a sure-fire way to boost your fan engagement and subscriptions. But you should familiarise yourself with the different verifications on YouTube.

This article explains the differences between a YouTube Official Artist channel and a YouTube channel with a verification badge, and how to set up both.

Official artist channel YouTube

create youtube artist channel

If you’re a singer or a musician, you can set up an Official Artist Channel. This allows you to bring your content from across all your channels together into one place, making it easier for fans to access your videos, songs, and albums.

When you’re verified as an Official Artist channel, you’ll get a grey music icon next to the name of your YouTube channel to verify your authenticity as an artist.

Claim YouTube artist channel

To verify your account as an Official Artist channel, you’ll have to email YouTube directly. To be eligible, you’ll need an existing YouTube channel and at least 3 official music videos on YouTube delivered from a music distribution partner.

Start your email by saying you wish to upgrade your account to a YouTube Artist Channel. Then include the following information to prove your eligibility:

  1. Your Artist Name
  2. Your Label
  3. A link to you Operated Channel
  4. Your Artist Topic Channel (with a link)
  5. Your Three Official Music Videos (with links to each)

How does an artist benefit from upgrading to an official artist channel?

Being a verified artist on YouTube gives you lots of exclusive rewards. Some things to look forward to on your official artist channel include:

  • A dedicated promotional shelf on your channel
  • One streamlined channel for fan engagement
  • An automated catalogue separating your music into different shelves
  • Access to analytics to see your reach and growth

YouTube Verification badge

A YouTube verification badge is the grey tick that appears next to the name of some YouTube channels. It has a different meaning to the grey music icon that appears next to the name of an Official Artist channel.

A YouTube verification badge is a mark of authenticity. The grey tick indicates an official verified channel belonging to an established creator, business, or brand. The verification process to get one of these badges is different from verifying your YouTube account as an Official Artist channel.

How many subscribers do you need to have to be verified?

If you’re looking to get a YouTube verification badge, you’re required to have at least 100,000 subscribers to your channel.

YouTube also states that to be eligible for a verified channel, your channel will also need to be authentic and complete. Full details of eligibility can be found here.

Apply for YouTube verification badge

You will need to submit an application to YouTube to apply for a verification badge for your channel. You don’t get any exclusive benefits once you’re verified, but it’s a nice way to prove your authenticity and mark the growth of your fanbase.

  1. Step 1

    Once you have 100,000 subscribers or more, you can submit an application to YouTube. To do this, click here and sign in to your account in the top-right corner.

  2. Step 2

    If you are eligible for a verification badge, a “Contact flow” link will come up on this page. Press the link and select the “Email Support” option on the next page.

  3. Step 3

    You’ll then be provided with a form to fill out. Once you’ve completed the form, submit it. YouTube should then reply within 24hours to approve or deny your application.

How to get verified on YouTube without 100k subs

Accumulating 100,000 subscribers to get your verification badge can seem like an impossible task. But don’t be defeated, as there are multiple ways to boost your YouTube subscribers as a musician:

  • Keep your videos below five minutes
  • Add YouTube cards to your videos
  • Create custom, eye-catching thumbnails
  • Optimise your video descriptions with critical keywords
  • Use meta tags in your posts

How to verify your YouTube channel

Verification badges are popping up all over social media platforms. Whether you’re hoping to get a verification tick or an Official Artist music symbol on your YouTube account, being a verified artist will boost your reputation.

Have you set up a YouTube Channel as an artist? What tips and suggestions can you give to other aspiring singers? Leave your comments below.