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Video Ideas For Tik Tok: 7 Cool Video Ideas For TikTok

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Trends are something we can’t get away from in the modern world. Whether you indulge in them or abstain from them, you can’t deny their influence on social media. TikTok is, of course, one of these platforms where trends have a huge impact on content. To help you navigate this side of social media, we wanted to bring you some video ideas for Tik Tok to help you get those views! 

Even if you don’t have TikTok, you will likely still see its videos shared across all other social media platforms. You either love it and it’s taken over your life, or cringe at the mention of it. Either way, it can be a useful promotional and marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked by people within the music industry. 

If you’ve been considering starting your own TikTok, you might be entering a very alien world. Snazzy filters, weird effects, green screen, dances and duets might overwhelm you when first trying to create some content. To help you through the process, we thought we would share with you some cool video ideas for Tik Tok!

7 TikTok Ideas


Let’s get straight into it, here are some good Tik Tok video ideas!

Dance Video 

Dance videos have a huge place within TikTok. They are short, simple but entertaining. 

Find a song that is trending, use some trending hashtag and learn a trending dance and you’ll be on your way to getting some views. These are also great funny Tik Toks to do with friends as a dancing duo or group. Obviously, some dancing skill is required if you want to get some complicated moves down, if you’ve got two left feet, make it funny instead! 

However, don’t always stick to what is trending. Creating a new dance trend to some new music will have you racking up hundreds of thousands of views and likes. Even better, make your dance video with the goal of people duetting it. If people believe they can jump on your trend by duetting it, your video will get all the more shares and views. 

There are also dance challenges on TikTok but we’ll keep that type of content for one of our later sections. 

Music Video 


If you’re wondering how to make cute Tik Tok videos, music videos are the road you want to go down. Despite the movement and facial expressions being basic, there’s still a skill to it. 

The most famous of these videos, and most famous video on TikTok, would be Bella Poarch to the song “Soph Aspin Send” by Millie B. All she does is bop her head in a certain way, half-heartedly lip-syncing to the song and pair it with some cute facial expressions and BOOM, 51 million likes! 

You will want to pick trending songs but maybe pair some new actions with them. Also, it’s good to pick a cute outfit of sorts, anime styles of clothes and actions are very common for these videos. 

However, you can’t just use a song that’s been trending for weeks and hope to make a viral video. The nature of trends means that they are short-lived. You need to jump on trending songs as soon as they start to get traction to ensure you are a frontrunner for this content. 

Hashtags Challange 

Creating a popular hashtag challenge will definitely make you are a popular creator. Getting the challenges to take off is the hard part. 

For people new to TikTok, you might have no idea what these challenges are. Take the ice bucket challenge or cinnamon challenge and apply it to TikTok, these are what modern hashtag challenges are. After you’ve decided on the challenge, you give it a specific hashtag for people to use who also want to give the challenge a go. Then by searching that TikTok, you can see everyone making related content. 

This is something also used by companies as a marketing technique. Chipotle used the National Avacoado Day to start the #guacdance which swept across the platform. A simple dance but with great effect. TikTokkers don’t even realise they’re promoting the brand, but rather just jumping on the challenge, this is marketing gold! 



Tutorials are a great way to take something you’re good at and make some good TikTok content out of it. 

The most common form of tutorials on the platform would be makeup. What TikTok users can do with makeup these days makes professionals from 15 years ago look like wannabes. Making short but engaging videos showing a quick makeup tutorial sharing the products they use can really become successful. This side of TikTok has become home to influencer marketing and can have many benefits for small businesses if they find the right creator to promote them. 

Don’t worry if you’re not a budding makeup artist though, there are many things you can make tutorials about. 

Another common tutorial would be recipes. Quickly summarising the process of making something delicious can get people attention. No matter if they intend on making the dish, people are obsessed with watching food videos. Another popular, but not as popular as the two we’ve already listed would be fitness videos. 

Take whatever you’re good at and make a tutorial about it. Even if it’s very niche, you’re sure to find a community on TikTokers who will take an interest. Finding Tik Tok ideas for videos that are tutorials is super easy, you’re already good at the thing you’re going to be sharing! 


For some more creative TikTok ideas, art is a great way to express yourself on the platform. Numerous users have gained a huge following for sharing their art. Starting with a black canvas, they give us snippets of the making of the art followed by the final piece. 

Now, to be one of the creators, you need to have a certain degree of artistic skill. The final piece needs to take people breath away and exceed any expectations they had during the build-up. If your art skills are more of a high school level, it is unrealistic you will do this. 

Still, if you love making art, share it anyways! Just because it doesn’t get thousands of likes, doesn’t mean it is not valid. Express yourself and use your page as a log of your art and how you improve over time. If it really is that bad, make a huge dramatic buildup and show your underwhelming art as more of a comedic video. 



If you’re looking for some easy TikTok ideas, imitations are a great place to start. They’re super easy to do compared to other content and doesn’t require much preparation. 

Imitations on TikTok are where you imitate a famous scene out of a movie, a viral clip, another person’s TikTok, just about anything. Mostly, they are supposed to be funny! 

These are all about body language and facial expressions. Being in sync with the words is one thing, portraying that character is another. One famous example of this would be a video of Liza Minnelli where some paparazzi ask if she’s still “got it” referring to her voice. Liza responds with a hilarious outburst of lyrics from Day-O. People have imitated this clip making it even funnier than the original and seen viral success from it. Find something you find hilarious and make your own video about it! If you’re looking for funny video ideas for Tik Tok, imitation might be your calling! 

Factual Videos

TikTok loves factual videos! Unfortunately, conspiracies are all too common across TikTok but there are those who appreciate the facts. 

Share some interesting but shocking information about something that people aren’t likely to know and you could see yourself going viral! These videos take many different forms. Elaborate and crazy murder stores to the building of the pyramids are all common topics. 

Dig deep and see if you can find some mind-blowing information yourself. Maybe you already have a list of interesting facts stored in your brain ready to share with the world. Always make sure that information is factual though, you don’t want to be another creator sharing garbage with the world. 

Those Were 7 Video Ideas For Tik Tok

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So, if you’ve just opened your new TikTok account and are wondering what to post on TikTok, hopefully, we have inspired you!

There is no platform like TikTok where “normal” people can become viral. You don’t have to be an Insta model or a witty Twitter user, you can be funny, dance, sing, cook, draw, teach, anything you want! Don’t limit yourself too much to what’s trending at the current time. Of course, jump on challenges and use popular songs, but let your personal creativity bloom. Whatever interests you the most is the thing you will do best. 

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