Warrington Open Mics – The Top 10 Best Nights Near Me

The Warrington music scene is full of music styles and venues that offer some great open mic nights. Open mic nights in Warrington provide the perfect opportunity to fill a stage and play music to an audience.

The best open mic nights in Warrington

Looking for an open mic night in or around Warrington? In no particular order, these venues attract the best of the town’s breakthrough musical talent.

#1 The Lounge: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Warrington

The first open mic night on our list is the bustling pub and venue – The Lounge.

A venue that’s proud to have events throughout the week, this open mic is a great one to go to if you’re just starting your musical journey. It’s very supportive and encouraging for anyone who steps up to the stage.

Often run by guest hosts, this open mic night is very popular on Thursday nights. It’s also free entry, which is a great bonus in terms of getting an audience for yourself.

Venue location:  The Lounge – 6 Springfield St, Warrington, WA1 1BB
Phone number:  01925 550781
Open Mic Night:  Thursday from 8:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play.

#2 Acoustic Cafe: Open Mic

Open Mic Near Me Warrington

The open mic night at the Acoustic Café features a brilliant sample of local talent.

Head down on Tuesday evening to show them what you’ve got, or just sit back and enjoy the music. Often run by guest hosts, this weekly open mic is always a busy night.

Artists of all genres are welcome to showcase their talent here. This gives the audience a diverse musical showcase to enjoy.

Venue location:  Acoustic Cafe – 79-81 Sankey St, Warrington, WA1 1SL
Phone number:  01925 418203
Open Mic Night:  Tuesdays from 8pm
Want to perform? Let them know on the night.

#3 The Albion: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Warrington

The open mic night at The Albion is a great mention to any live music enthusiast. It plays host to a variety of events including comedy, bingo, karaoke, and open mic jam nights.

Every Thursday from 8pm, with music from all genres and eras. This night create an eclectic blend of musical styles that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Beginners are welcome here. If you don’t play an instrument, just come along and join in. Great real ales and a really friendly atmosphere.

Venue location:  The Albion – 92 Battersby lane, Warrington, WA2 7EG
Phone number:  07515 493496
Open Mic Night:  Thursdays from 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play.

Thinking of attending your first open mic night? Here’s what to expect:

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Open mic near me

#4 The Saracen’s Head: Jan’s Open Mic

Hosted by the talented musician, Jan, this open mic is a popular evening of live music.

A fairly intimate venue, The Saracen’s Head welcomes artists from all backgrounds – everything from rock, rap, folk, pop, and even jazz.

A p.a is provided at this one – just make sure to bring your instrument and plug in if you want to fill the room. Feel free to do a few tunes acapella or some songs on an acoustic guitar if you’re more comfortable playing a raw set.

Venue location:  The Saracen’s Head – 381 Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington, WA4 6RS
Phone number:  01925 485185
Open Mic Night:  First and third Fridays of the month from 8pm
Want to perform?  Simply turn up and play.

#5 The Mulberry Tree: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night

The open mic night at The Mulberry Tree is organised by Junior & Neil Woodhead. Historically a great open mic to go to in Warrington, it’s ideal for everyone who sings or plays an acoustic instrument.

Each performer is allowed to perform a short set to the pub audience; now’s your chance to win them over and make yourself known in the town.

Bring your instrument (or voice) to one of these nights, and show the Warrington music scene what you’ve got!

Venue location: The Mulberry Tree – Grappenhall Rd, Cheshire, Warrington, WA4 2AF
Phone number:  01925 266930
Open Mic Night:  Sundays from 9pm
Want to perform?  Turn up and play.

#6 Hideout: Open Mic Night

The open mic night at Hideout is a great chance to showcase your musical skills to an audience in the centre of Warrington town.

Entry to the open mic event is free and even better, it’s a pizza bar! Jam with the other musicians there or play a set yourself, whatever you’d prefer.

A backline is provided at this one, so just make sure to bring your voice or instrument and get ready to play your tunes. The night goes on until 1am, so feel free to get carried away!

Venue location:  Hideout – 78 Sankey St, Warrington, WA1 1SG
Phone number:  01925 871439
Open Mic Night:  Thursdays from 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play.

#7 Chapel House: Open Mic

Open Mic Night

Chapel House is a charming local pub that runs an open mic every other week – it happens on the second and last Tuesdays of the month.

Your brilliant hosts for this open mic are Billy and Sonia. Their open mic events draw experienced artists and fresh talent alike to perform at the popular Warrington venue.

You can sign-up for a slot on the night from 9pm. A full p.a system is provided, and the audience is very supportive of every performer, no matter your ability or genre.

Venue location: Chapel House – 380 Liverpool Road, Great Sankey, Warrington, WA5 1RU
Phone number:  Contact through Facebook
Open Mic Night:  Second and last Tuesday of the month from 9pm
Want to perform?  Let them know on the night.

#8 Alchemy Bar: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night Warrington

Alchemy is one of the favourite open mic nights in the town, so getting on stage is a great opportunity to play in front of plenty of people

The venue has a fully stocked stage with amps, mics and a p.a ready for musicians to get up and fine-tune their craft.

There is a maximum of 3 songs per set, so make sure to play your best tunes.

Sign up with Kyle & Gill at the venue, or inbox them for details. It’s a free entry night, so head down for 7pm and experience a great night of live music.

Venue location:  Alchemy Bar – 2-4 High St, Runcorn, WA7 1AU
Phone number:  01928 567492
Open Mic Night:  First Thursday of the month from 7pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play

Ever considered hosting your own open mic night?

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#9 The Welly

The Welly is a charming local pub that runs an open mic every Wednesday. A very popular open mic with many locals, this is a great one to go to if you feel like having a musically charged Wednesday evening.

A full p.a system with mics and amps are provided, but you can bring your equipment if you so wish. The audience is hugely supportive of every performer, no matter your ability or genre.

Venue location:  The Welly – Prescot Rd, Widnes, WA8 7PD
Phone number:  0151 792 4841
Open Mic Night:  Wednesday from 9:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play

#10 The Venue: Open Mic Night

open mic nights in Warrington

The aptly named venue, “The Venue,” is host to a great open mic night at the start of every month, full of musicians from all different backgrounds and genres.

Entry is free to this brilliant night of live music – anyone is welcome to sign up and perform.

Make sure to come back to The Venue even when there isn’t an open mic night on – they often have nights that showcase bands from all over the UK.

Venue location:  The Venue – Thirlmere Lodge, Rectory Ln, Lymm, WA13 0AQ
Phone number:  07772 260224
Open Mic Night:  First Thursday of the month from 8:30pm
Want to perform?  Just sign up and play

Bonus open mics in Warrington

Live Bar: Open Mic/ Jam Night

Open Mic Warrington

Live Bar is a bustling venue that hosts a variety of live music events including open mics and jam nights occasionally.

The equipment provided at this open mic night normally includes is a full p.a system, so make sure to bring along your instrument if you want to play a set.

Each performer gets a short slot to perform whatever songs they’d like – covers or originals. Remember, if you make a good impression, the venue team might want to book you in for a gig at the Live Bar.

Venue location:  Live Bar – Rusgan House, Barbauld St, Warrington, WA1 2QZ
Phone number:  01925 650066
Open Mic Night:  Sporadic months from 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play

Rope and Anchor: Open Mic

This captivating little pub puts on some brilliant live music events throughout the month, but most important of all is, of course, the open mic that happens every third Thursday of the month.

They love live music down at the Rope and Anchor, and they’re always up for giving local musicians a chance to perform live.

There’s everything you need to perform, including a p.a system, mics, and amps. Just bring your instrument, plug in, and play.

Venue location:  Rope and Anchor – Manchester Rd, Warrington, WA1 4HJ
Phone number:  01925 814996
Open Mic Night:  Third Thursday of the month from 8:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play, or ring the pub in advance to book a slot

The Hawthorne: Open Mic Night

Saturday open mic Warrington

The Hawthorne is a modern bar with a lively atmosphere, no matter what day of the week it is. On Saturdays, though, they now run a regular monthly open mic on the weekend.

Previously a more occasional open mic, this revamped evening will be a highlight in Warrington’s monthly calendar.

A backline will be provided, so make sure to come along, perform some songs, and wow the Warrington music lovers.

Venue location: The Hawthorne – Orford Ln, Warrington, WA2 7HW
Phone number: 07895 434489
Open Mic Night: Saturdays from 9pm
Want to perform? Just turn up and play.

Ring o’ Bells: Open Mic 

The final open mic night on our list, Ring o’ Bells is a laid back but engaging evening of live performances from musicians and poets of all backgrounds.

After a short renovation of the venue, they are excited to get the open mic up and running again for the end of 2019.

Make sure not to miss out on their next open mic where they will be resuming the evening that’s full to the brim of musical talent!

Venue location:  Ring o’ Bells – 7 Chester Rd, Daresbury, Warrington, WA4 4AJ
Phone number:  01925 740256
Open Mic Night:  Monthly, follow their page the see when the next one is happening
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play.

So now you know where to perform in Warrington there are no excuses for not getting out there and get performing!

Open mic nights near me in Warrington

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