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How to make the most of your website as a singer

Website content and design for singers; Go surf musicians on the internet yourself for a while, you’ll notice that your subconscious will decide whether you like them within about 10 seconds. So the importance of making it easy on the eye and engaging to the user is essential. As in some cases it may mean you have about 10 seconds to keep people on your website before they click off, carry on surfing the Internet and forget about you instantly!

How do you use your website effectively as a promotional tool?

  • You need a clean and clear website that features the best of what you do- quality over quantity!
  • Keep themes and display pictures the same and make sure those chosen are the ones used or as closely as possible on your social media to keep uniformity! This comes down to image but you don’t want a potential fan to question whether that is you they saw the night before so making sure image is the same across the board.
  • Make sure it’s easy to navigate for all users!
  • Incorporate the data capture to build a mailing list!
  • Include social media plug ins as that will keep the content populated with fresh news and information.

Website content and design for singers

  • External to the website make sure you’re directing fans to the correct part of your website. People want to buy your music and/or see you live. If posting about your new single, put the link to the area that the fans can buy it from e.g. If advertising an upcoming gig, make sure interested fans are directed to
  • Data capture is very important for keeping fans up-to-date with newsletters so consider adding an option to join the mailing list on your site. Make it easily accessible and clear at the top of the website and keep it simple- a two-step process, enter your name and email address, click submit- done!
  • The website could also have its information populated from your social networks, so there is no need to content manage the site and you can simply update your Facebook events/pictures or do a tweet and it goes straight to the correct place on your website. This is a very useful way to manage content when under time constraints, as well as ensuring all bases are covered uniformly.