Websites for Singers

The importance of an effective website for singers

Websites for singers: An effective website is essential for any act as it is the one place that can host all your music, photos and video’s in one place.  All your social media and activity should link into drawing your audience to your website.

Why does a singer need their own website when they can use Facebook or Twitter for free?

website tips for singers

  • Because promotion is all about professionalism! Record labels and promoters want to see if you are the real deal! Anyone can make a Facebook page, but a personal website will show your dedication to becoming a success!
  • This doesn’t mean social media platforms aren’t essential tools, but an singer’s website is where they can be represented concisely with a range of pictures, videos, news and music all clearly labelled and easily navigated.
  • The underlying, paramount principle when promoting yourself is that everything needs to drive traffic to your website. Not your social media platforms.
  • They should be engaging people to click on the link to your actual website! It’s the only place that people can get a clear snapshot of what you do and encourage them to see you live, buy your music/merchandise and get a different vibe of what you are about; music can be visual too!
  • Every post from Facebook, Twitter, every gig you promote should have a link back to your website. The purpose of these social media platforms is so people can find you and go to your website to find out more!
  • Now you have achieved what you wanted, people are visiting a site dedicated to your act!
How to Write an Effective Musician Bio

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Synergy of your website and social media sites

Make sure your profile pictures on all your social media including Facebook and Twitter are the same as the main picture used on your website to create a working synergy across all of your platforms.

Make sure they have the url website link as prominently displayed as possible, for Youtube you may have to include the full web address to include the http://.

The same applies to colour themes and logos, you want to make sure that your style and imagery is demonstrated clearly to increase brand awareness. This all follows onto physical marketing and promotion.


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