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Once you’ve got your performance on point, choosing what to wear to a singing audition is a great way to express yourself as artist and help you stand out from the crowd. Carefully selecting the best colour is a great way to give you a bit of added confidence on the day.

Always be authentic, but think of your singing audition like a job interview. You want to make a good impression from the moment you step on stage. While your music should always be the focal point, you’ll want to wear something that makes you feel confident and that reflects who you are as an artist.

Auditions can be both exciting and stressful. Once you’ve worked hard to perfect your song, having a flattering audition outfit ready to go is a great way to make a positive first impression. Here are some simple and easy tips on how you can dress for success at your audition.

What to wear to a singing audition 

Knowing what to wear for a singing audition can take some thought. From the first step you take into the audition room, your image is reflecting how you’ve decided to brand yourself.

Although the audition is primarily about your vocal performance and presence, what you choose to wear also has an impact. Use your outfit as a way to help present yourself as the best version possible.

Comfort is key. Your focus must be on performing the song and not being distracted by uncomfortable clothing.  

What you decide to wear reflects your own identity as a singer. The happier you feel with your choice of outfit, the more confident your singing audition performance will be.   

You can also use what you wear to a singing audition to convey your audition song’s meaning. This can help strengthen your performance.  

What to wear to a music audition

#1 Choose an outfit that stands out 

A singing or music audition is your moment to shine. You’ll want to make sure your outfit choice stands out and using what you wear to help your performance stick with the judges can be beneficial.  

You can achieve this by choosing to have a colour pop or added bit of sparkly to your outfit.  You might try a vibrant cherry red blazer to go over the rest of your audition outfit. Or some bright yellow Dr. Martins. One piece of clothing can make a statement. 

It’s important to choose an outfit that stands out because if you are called back for a second interview, sometimes you’ll be asked to wear the same outfit again.  

This makes it easier for the audition panel to remember who you are. Also, if they loved you enough to request a call back, then the outfit must be a great choice.

#2 Wear something that’s comfortable  

What to wear to a singing audition 

Wearing an outfit that is comfortable for a singing or music audition is very important.  

Your stage presence and audience communication with also be critiqued by the judges. Stage presence involves projecting out to the audience and using your movement to further your performance’s meaning.   

If you’re weighed down with tassels, a heavy leather jacket or the tightest shirt you’ve ever worn, you’ll be unable to move on stage as smoothly.  

Wearing clothing that fits properly and allows room for moving across the stage helps with keeping your focus on the song, rather than worrying about a piece of clothing ripping or not being able to raise your arm.   

Avoid letting a scratchy top, pinching waist or draping neckline impact your performance. Make sure you know what you feel most comfortable in, ready for the audition day.   

#3 Keep to the audition’s outfit criteria  

Stick to the singing or music audition’s outfit criteria because you’ll want to ensure you are following their requirements. The more suited you are to what they are searching for, the more impressed the panel will be. 

If the singing audition has requested that you wear a certain colour for the bottom half of your outfit such as black, ensure that you only wear black trousers, shorts or skirt. Risking a lighter shade or variation on the colour may be unappealing to the panel.   

If you are unsure about what the clothing criteria is for an upcoming singing or music audition, there is no harm in contacting the audition company or representative and asking for an outfit brief if there is one.   

It shows that you are proactive and dedicated to meeting all requirements, not just through your audition performance but as an overall performer.  

#4 Use your favourite singer as style inspiration

If there isn’t a strict audition criteria in place for what to wear, you can look to your favourite singer or songwriter for style inspiration.  

Looking to your musical idols can help trigger outfit ideas, but keep in mind the appropriate colour combination and comfort should be paramount.

It’s great to feel inspired, as long as it is within reason. 

There are helpful online blogs that breakdown different artist’s outfit looks, so you can use what you already have and combine the pieces in a way that reflects them.

The more at ease you feel with your audition look, the more confident your vocals and performance will be.  

What is the best colour to wear to an audition

Choosing the best colour for an audition  

Choosing the best colour for an audition  

When choosing the best colour for a music audition, it’s helpful to recognise that there’s some psychology behind colour. 

Pink is known to be a calming colour choice while orange symbolises happiness and positivity. Yellow is the colour of productivity, while people mostly associate dark blue with intelligence and trustworthiness.

With this in mind, the best colour for a music audition is down to what your personal taste and palette suit best.  Whether it is blue, red, orange or yellow, make sure that it’s the colour that brings out the best in you. 

The best colour to wear for a music audition  

George Brescia suggests using the ‘personal palette’ approach for auditions. Your personal palette is made up of your eye colour, hair colour and skin tone. These are indicators as to what colour is the best one for your upcoming music audition.

Brescia gives uses the following colour examples:

  • Blue is a perfect choice for someone with blue eyes.
  • Red suits those with a darker personal palette.
  • Green is ideal if you have red hair.
  • Pastels suit someone with a fairer complexion.
  • Radiant jewel tones work brilliantly with darker skin tones.  

If in doubt, consider what compliments you get when wearing certain colours. If every time you are wearing red, someone praises how well the colour suits you, this could be your ideal colour choice for a music audition.   

The best colour combinations to wear for a singing audition 

Selecting the best colour combinations can be made easier by referring to a colour wheel. The colour wheel is a guide to understanding colours and colour matches that are complimentary of each other.   

The colour wheel shows that complimentary colours are those opposite each other on the wheel. An example of this is blue and orange, red and green or yellow and purple.

  complimentary colours

Remember that these colours on the wheel are basic and that there are many more different colour shades not featured on the wheel to choose from if needed.  

Complimentary colour parings are a good reference to start with when you’re finding the best colour combination. You’ll also want to avoid clashing colours such as bright pink and florescent orange, as this colour combination could be distracting.

If you choose a bright blue top, be careful to avoid wearing bright blue trousers and a bright blue jacket that may differ slightly in tone, but is almost the same. This sort of colour combination isn’t as appealing as two different colours, such as blue and orange, working together.  

Try having your shoes one colour, your outfit a different colour and colour-matching or metallic accessories.  Stick to three colours, as more than this can become distracting for the audition judges.

The best outfit combinations for a singing audition 

The best outfit for a singing audition 

The best outfit combination for a singing audition is shaped by what kind of audition you’re attending.  

If the audition is more formal, then you should dress smartly, as you would for an interview. Consider a blouse and a skirt, a classic dress or a nicely-pressed shirt with pair of tailored trousers for ladies. For men, a pair of trousers with a neat shirt and blazer should be a suitable.

An audition may sometimes request a more relaxed appearance, and if this is the case, try out would be a pair of trousers and blouse, a midi-skirt and long-sleeved top or a simple skater dress and blazer.  

There are also helpful Pinterest boards that team outfits together for style inspiration.

Related Questions:   

  • What should I wear to a singing audition?  

You should wear an outfit that is comfortable to perform in and allows your stage presence to shine.  

What you choose to wear should have a colour combination that suits your own personal palette, using up to three colours and no more. This is because more than three colours can be come distracting for the audience and panel. 

Ensure that your outfit combination has met the audition requirements such as if it’s formal, opt for a smart shirt or blouse and neatly-ironed trousers or skirt. Finally, embrace who you are through your outfit as much as possible. If you are happy with your outfit choice, the confidence will show.  

  • What is the best colour to wear to a singing audition?  

There isn’t one set colour that is best to wear to a singing audition. Choosing the best colour is about matching it to your own skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and personal preference.  

Another helpful tool to use is the colour wheel. The colour wheel shows the complimentary colours such as; blue and orange, red and green and purple and yellow. This is a good basis to start with.   

If you are often complimented when wearing blue, then it’s helpful to consider this colour as your best choice for a singing audition. With positive compliments every time you wear it, it must look good.  

Do you have any tips for what to wear to an audition? Let us know in the comments below!