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When Does a Singer Need Music Management?

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How to know when to start looking for management as a singer?

When does a singer need music management? Music management never happens at the same time for every act. Some acts won’t need management until a few years into their career, and some will need it right from the beginning.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment that you should start looking for management – if you’re doing things right and you’ve built up your social media, gigs and fanbase then management should really come looking for you.

In short it’s a two-way process. Firstly management is going to need to see income streams already coming in or a strong indication it is likely to.

You need to see what doors and opportunities management can realistically get you. Always remember (and the clue is in the title) management are there to aid you, and it’s certainly not the case that they are going to do everything for you.


Career Guidance

This could be a time whether management is needed to work with you to figure out what’s next for you as an act a vision. The main reason for management to be a part of your career guidance is because they can probably see the ‘bigger picture’ that you may fail to notice.

Time Management

Have you got to a stage where you’re struggling to cope with all the admin work you’ve got to do? Are you putting your practise on the back burner to do other tasks that aren’t as practical? This is the time to consider management.

If you’ve got this much to do, at the expense of your act, then management is the next step to take. Having management allows these tasks to be done by them rather than you and allows you to focus on making music and developing your career.

You’re looking to contact record labels

Many record labels will refuse to give an act the time of day if they don’t have management. Working with management shows that someone believes in your act enough to support you and help you to progress in your career.

The reason record labels don’t like to work directly with the act is because they want to do business with someone who knows the music industry and won’t have an emotional attachment.