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Video Platforms for Singers | Where Can I Upload My Video for Free?

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Video platforms are a great way of getting your visual content into the public eye and attracting new fans, helping existing ones to put a face to your name too. So where can you upload your music videos for free? 

Music video platforms for singers provide the opportunity to reach huge audiences at the touch of a button. Musicians can perform live or recorded tracks online at little or no cost at all – many artists have kickstarted their careers in this way.  

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding where to upload your videos. Read our guide to the very best places to create and post fantastic music videos, that’ll get you noticed.  

Music video platforms for singers

Music video platforms for musicians 

For a musician video platforms are essential as they spread the word and attract an audience. However, one thing you may not have considered is how to use video platforms to make money. Many hold opportunities to earn, without having to pay anything out. And as everyone has a smartphone, creating and uploading visual content is totally accessible. 

Where can I upload my video for free unlimited video hosting?  

If you already have followers on a particular site that may be a good option. Social media provides plenty of opportunities, as does having your own website. And the good news is – all of these are free. So it makes sense to use several to increase your reach. 

YouTube uploads 

YouTube is the most popular video platform at the moment; however, there may not be as much money in it as it first seems. There are at least 60 hours of video posted to YouTube every minute. That’s a lot of content with which to compete. 

Therefore, trying to make a name for yourself and getting recognised can be challenging. It seems tricky to make money on YouTube but the reality is that it’s not difficult; it just requires a big following and getting that is your challenge. 

Essentially, you make money by allowing others to have their adverts surrounding your videos, in return for money from those companies.

Video websites like YouTube  

Very little money can be made through your videos on YouTube until you’ve made a name for yourself and had lots of views. As At such time as you do, it may be worth considering becoming a YouTube partner. This can be very lucrative indeed and a source of full-time work for many YouTubers.   

Vimeo uploads 

Vimeo is an online community dedicated mainly to film making. It is often regarded as better quality and quicker than peer sites. One of the differences between Vimeo and other video platforms is that ionly hosts videos that are original and include the creative work of their users. So this may be a better platform for those who are more imaginative in terms of the video itself (animation or artistic videos often work well) and for those who write their own music.  

Use Vimeo for free 

Like YouTube, this is an easily accessible, open-to-all and popular site. As it tends to be more used for film making, many mainstream musicians may find YouTube a better place to find followers. But there’s no reason not to use both. The downside of Vimeo for everyone is that if you want to upload in excess of 5gb per week or stream live events, it’s only free for 30 days, after which a subscription is required.  

List of video hosting sites for streamable content 

Video websites like YouTube  

Here are some more places you might like to sell your wares, some of which are not quite so well known.  

Twitch Sings streamers 

This site is a subsidiary of Amazon and since 2016 has allowed users to upload their content for free. You’ll need an account to upload or watch videos and while following a user is free, subscribing to a channel will cost a fee. The site is also ad-supported, so very similar to YouTube bar the fee to subscribe. It’s a smaller pool too, but with a smaller audience. As Twitch links to Amazon, this might be a good option if you use their streaming service for your tracks.   

Street Jelly – online concerts live 

If you want a site with a cool name, this is it. Street Jelly offers studio-quality live streaming. It’s a form of live busking – the best part of which is that watchers can pay you tips via Paypal. This is a live performance platform, so won’t be for you if you want to upload pre-recorded pieces. You can also interact with your viewers – and it’s a family-friendly site, so stay away from the explicit lyrics here. This is a great way to gig to an online audience for free and offers something completely different to the likes of YouTube. As a result, you’ll find more ardent and niche music fans on Street Jelly. 

Tidal and iTunes 

You may have thought that these two were purely for audio streaming, but you can also upload music videos to both sites. If uploading to Tidal, owned by Jay-Z, you’ll need to do so via an intermediary, like RouteNote. iTunes tends to be for the big hitters, so you risk being a small fish in a massive pool, but if you already upload tracks on it, it can be worth adding video content.  

There are other streaming sites like Bandcamp, that have a video feature upload, but on a paid subscription basis. Paying to stream and upload may work for you, especially if you pay for subscriptions to these sites in any case. But with so many free video upload options, there’s no need to spend a penny if you don’t have the budget, or desire to do so. 

Your own website 

And don’t forget, you can create your own website completely free, via a tool like Wix or Wordpress (if you’re a beginner, don’t worry, there are lots of help guides and videos to show you how to do to it). This then enables you to share your content and invite fans to subscribe to your site. To maximise your reach, be sure to share anything you post to your site via social media and existing video platforms. 

Perform music online through online music shows 

Let’s take a look at the alternative options for getting your face online.  

Getting featured on a vlog is a fantastic way to perform online for free (some vloggers may even pay you for performing). Network and research to find out who is vlogging about music in your area. Pick someone up and coming, who’ll be searching for exciting content.  

There are some sites, such as Baeblemusic, that hosts music videos and concert streaming, but that are chosen from submissions. So you can try your luck, but just be aware that you’re not guaranteed an upload.  

How to become a busker online 

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the many social media channels that make it possible to post content. Facebook Live is a fantastic way to share live performances and effectively busk to a wide audience, incorporating your social media strategy. Learn more about the specifics of social media in this article, including how to use sites like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for video releases. 

How to upload a video file 

Some sites give you the option to actually record the clip on the platform. But it’s usually better to pre-record on as high a quality device as you can find (do change the resolution in the settings menu too, this will give your video a better finish. Then it may be as simple as creating an account, then clicking on the upload button.  

Now you know which sites to use, it’s time to get uploading. Watch other people’s content to get an idea of the kind of videos that stand out and get the most likes and shares. There are plenty of options in terms of video genres with which to experiment: music videos, rehearsal footage, at-home practice, jam sessions and backstage filming. It doesn’t just have to be you singing either. Record yourself talking about your music, your process and what you have planned. The more you build up an online following through your videos, the more your music will be heard.  

Related Questions 

  • Where can I upload videos to share? 

If you just want to share a video, rather than posting it publicly, you can use sites such as WeTransfer, WhatsApp, BombBomb, Dropbox and Google Drive. Most email providers will have file size limits making it impossible to send videos longer than a few seconds.   

  • What is the best video sharing site? 

This will depend on your preferences and video sharing needs, as well as the technology you currently use (ie. if you already have accounts with any of them). Generally, YouTube is seen as one of the most popular and Facebook is great for social media sharing.  

Which video platforms for singers have you used? Where do you upload your videos for free? Tell us in the comments below.