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Work From Home Jobs For Music Professionals: Your Guide 

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Many of us have swapped the office for our home desks recently with surprising success. With the appeal of no commutes and having your own private space to hunker down in, there are many reasons to prefer this means of working over using conventional spaces. 

For a musician, work from home jobs are more viable than most careers. 

Maybe remote working sounds good to you, but as a musician, you don’t know where to start looking for jobs. In this article, we will share with you how to find work-from-home jobs for musicians. We’ll look at what the jobs encompass and the education/experience required to enter them.  

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What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs For Musicians?

So, what jobs can you work from home as a musician? Make sure to stay until the end to not miss out on any important information! 

Online Teaching 

Teaching is probably the most obvious place to start. Whether you’re looking for part-time work from home jobs, or a full-blown career, teaching will likely be one of the most viable choices for you. 

No matter your musical expertise, there will be people out there wanted to learn your skills. Sharing your knowledge with these people can be a fulfilling career and earn you a reasonable living. The means of doing this are also varied. 

Firstly, you can run online music tutoring. This is the same as teaching in person, but online instead. Say you’re an experienced guitar player. You’ll advertise and promote your offer of guitar lessons and take online and phone bookings from interested people. You can target children or a general audience depending on your preference. 

Alternatively, you can record and upload lessons to music learning sites. Here you can publish your lessons and people have to pay to access them. This is a great way to offer your lessons to a wide audience without having to do extensive marketing beforehand. However, the pay for this will be lower than one-on-one music tutoring. 

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Freelance Ghost Producer 

If you’ve been wondering what are the best work from home jobs, ghost-producing might be your calling. 

Do you love producing music but don’t want the public attention from being a great producer? Then ghost-producing is perfect for you!

You might be surprised to find out many famous musicians don’t actually produce their own music. With a very busy lifestyle and touring constantly, it makes sense that these people don’t have enough free time to produce the steady stream of music that we see from them. Instead, they hire a ghost producer. 

A musician will hire a ghost producer to produce a track for them, meeting all their specific demands. The client will detail everything they want including in the track, and the producer will have to fulfill those requests as best as possible. Even though the creative input of the ghost producer is respected, the goal is to recreate the client’s vision. Once the track is finished, the ghost producer has no claim over it and will not receive any credit. 

Music Curator 

There is a constant hunt for musical talent. Whether it’s for festival line-ups, radio slots, Spotify playlists, there are no shortage of people looking for music. Why not help them out with their search?

Music curators are the people that find the music and musicians to meet these needs. Not only will you spend your days browsing a variety of songs and artists, but be able to use your personal favourites to make suggestions. 

This is the perfect remote work-from-home job as all you really need is a laptop/computer and some headphones/speakers. An added bonus, you can even blast music as loud as you like working from home!

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When considering how to get a work-from-home job in music, transcribing might not be the first option to come to mind. Whilst mainly associated with other industries, if you have the right skill, this can be a viable career. 

The most common demand for transcribing within music is for translating lyrics. Even though we listen to all songs in their original language, we also want to appreciate the meaning behind the lyrics. This is where the transcribing comes in. You will need to be bilingual of course, but if you are, this can be a good niche to earn a living. Even if you only speak one additional language, say Spanish, you can advertise yourself as a Spanish/English lyrics transcriber. 

Alternatively, if you have quite a high degree of musical knowledge and deeply understand music theory, you can transcribe sheet music. This is where you listen to a piece of music and transcribe the sounds into notes in the form of sheet music. Or transcribing a piece designed for a specific instrument so it is playable on something else. Both of these are extremely difficult and should only be attempted by the more experienced musician. 

Remote Music Companies

As we mentioned freelance ghost-producing before, this is another method of producing music for other artists. By working to produce music for a studio you can use your passion in your career, but won’t be in the limelight for it. This is the same as being a ghost producer except you work for a specific studio and doesn’t require artists to search for you. Instead, you will produce music for the artists working within that studio. 

Even though you work for a studio, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to produce music within that studio. If you have a good home studio set-up, you can achieve everything you could elsewhere. This is also a more stable career than a freelance ghost producer as you are guaranteed a steady flow of projects. 

Music Therapist 

Now this one does require additional training and knowledge apart from just musical skills but can be a very rewarding career. 

Music therapists use their understanding of music to help people with their mental and physical health. Music is a powerful tool and can do all sorts of things to the human brain. Music therapists utilise this powerful impact to help people express themselves and improve their mindset and well-being. 

Apart from a deep understanding of music theory and a variety of musical instruments, you will need to be a licenced therapist which requires training. Still, if this sounds like a fulfilling career to you, wanting to help people with the power of music, then it is something worth pursuing. This is also a possible remote career, with the current huge rise in demand for online therapy. Often, the thought of actually turning up to therapy in a clinical environment can be offputting, online therapy is more casual and less daunting for those seeking it out. 

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Blog Writing

When wanting to work from home, jobs “near me” doesn’t apply to you. Especially if you live in a more secluded area, trying to find jobs relatable to you can be tasking. Remote working doesn’t present any of these issues, being able to work for a company based in New York, in the highlands of Scotland if you wish! 

Creating music content can be the perfect job for you that doesn’t require any trips to the office. If you’ve got a talent for writing, you will already have the music knowledge to be successful in this role. 

You can do this either freelance or work for a company. The topics will vary greatly, but you will likely be writing for a music blog. This might be the dream job for you,  writing about music all day and getting paid for it! 

What Jobs Can You Work From Home Without A Degree?

Now, maybe you want to remotely work within music but don’t have any related education or extensive experience. So, what jobs can you work from home without a degree?

There are a few jobs out there that don’t require a huge level of music experience. Maybe you’re looking for part-time work from home job to start gaining experience to help better your career possibilities in the future. The best way to do this would be through an internship. It might be harder to find one that pays, likely not that much if so, but is the perfect way to starts establishing yourself as a respected industry professional. Of course, you’ll need to make sure they are remote, but as an intern, this shouldn’t be too hard to find.

If you have proven writing ability but not much music experience, you could still create content for a music company or site. If the topics are more general and still can show your passion for music, then you have a chance of being hired by on of them or becoming a freelance writer. 

Finally, you can sell and produce music still without extensive experience, but for less exciting projects and much lower pay. Some ghost producers make music for people who aren’t going to sell it as their own. They simply need music for a project or advertising campaign for example. Alternatively, a smaller producer might not have time for more laborious tasks and requires some very simple help from someone that doesn’t need to be particularly skilled. Either way, these can be great roles to start developing your skills and build a portfolio. 

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How To Find Work From Home Jobs

Some of the options we’ve presented might sound appealing to you but are unsure where to start looking for them. 

How To Find Freelance Work

Many of them are freelance, so will require you to do a lot of the footwork. This will firstly require you to be able to prove your skill and knowledge of music. Keeping a portfolio is the perfect way to offer potential clients a track record of your previous work. Then you will need to market and promote yourself. Artists aren’t just going to come across your services as soon as your start this career path, you’ll need to grab their attention and convince them your services are the best they will find. Having a website is the perfect place to share your personal profile, past works, availability, anything related to the role. 

There are also a number of websites where people can post about their musical needs. Say you’re a freelance ghost producer, you can find these adverts and contact the client to offer your services. Here are a few websites targeting freelance work:

  • PeoplePerHour (producing)
  • SKillshare (teaching)
  • FlexJobs (curating, transcribing and therapy) 
  • Music Business Worldwide (anything and everything) 

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Our Final Thoughts

That was our article on remote music jobs! If you’ve been wondering what jobs can I work from home but still utilise my musical passion and talent, we hope we’ve inspired you and given you some ideas for your job search. 

No matter your area of expertise, there’s likely a remote musical-related job that’s perfect for you. Finding the work can be challenging, but once established, you should have no issue searching for clients or having people approach you for your services!

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