Andy Baker

Music Manager Andy Baker is the Founder and Managing Director of Resound Media. Andy Baker has launched a number of successful brands in the music industry including Storm 5 Management, Sound Consultancy and Rocket Fuel.

Since launching Resound Media in 2005 Andy Baker has become one of the most sought-after developers of musical talent in the UK. His brands have attracted interest from leading independent artists looking for a way forward in the ever-change music marketplace. His unique approach has enable unsigned artists to land arena support-tours, impressive brand endorsements and a staggering volume of financial support.

Andy Baker of Resound Media

No stranger to the creative process, Andy has produced over 100 projects since 2000 winning various awards and helping dozens of acts get their independent releases on the radio as well as in the hands of fans. With an encyclopedia of industry connections around the globe, he is one of the most useful connections an independent artist can have.

Andy is responsible for business development Resound Media’s brands, personally mentors Philippa Hanna, Daughters of Davis and many of the Sound Consultancy artists. He is always on the look-out for dedicated artists wanting to take their music to the next level and is actively involved in helping artists raise the capital they need to succeed through

“In an age where getting discovered is more challenging than ever before, Open Mic UK gives artists the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences and music industry professionals. For any artist looking for a great opportunity, I’d suggest grabbing this with both hands.”

Andy Baker.


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